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Week of 7/15/24

Bug Fixes


  • Removed the ability for Space Hosts to duplicate Spaces

  • Removed the ability for Space Hosts to change a Space's Collection

  • Fixed an issue preventing share links from being properly deleted

  • Fixed an issue with a ConvertKit disconnection not properly updating

  • Fixed an issue where group chat conversations were hidden when a member was deactivated

  • Resolved an issue preventing Hosts from seeing the "post" button when creating Articles in two Spaces

  • Fixed a bug where the link to view reported posts in emails loaded the wrong page

  • Corrected an issue where removed members saw an incorrect error message

  • Fixed a bug causing the notifications list to appear empty

  • Fixed an issue causing a broken "Access" button


  • Fixed an issue where the animation on profile replies was working incorrectly


  • Resolved an issue where chat settings buttons were not functional

Week of 7/8/24

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the link for an Internal Plan was redirecting incorrectly

  • Resolved an error where the role on a profile was not showing if the Global Members was off

  • Fixed an issue where a member was overcharged for a plan


  • Fixed an issue where the + icon for sending multiple invites was missing on mobile

Week of 7/1/24


Chat Thread Profile Photos

On web and mobile, Chat threads now show profile photos! This makes chat even more engaging 😀

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an error message when enabling Custom Member Support

  • Resolved an issue where the ConvertKit Integration kept getting disconnected

  • Fixed an issue where chat threads from removed users couldn't be archived

  • Resolved an issue where the 'Manage' button on the Network About Page didn't direct to Admin Settings

  • Fixed an issue where the Global Events settings button didn't redirect properly

  • Resolved an issue where moving posts between two Spaces took too long to complete

  • Fixed an issue where the Table of Contents preview didn't show the thumbnail view properly

  • Resolved ConvertKit sync issues


  • Resolved an issue where the chat background covered a live video

  • Fixed a crash issue when restoring native video from from picture in picture

  • Resolved an issue where members couldn't access a plan if it was shared on a Page feature

  • Fixed an issue where duplicated messages appeared on thread

  • Resolved an issue where the wrong background color was showing on the Member list

Week of 6/24/24


Custom Member Support

On Community plans and up, you can customize how your members reach out when they need help and choose the “Help Center” link from their account menu. You can enter either a specific email address or provide your own support URL.

Re-send Livestream Invites

On web and mobile, you can now quickly re-send an invite for a Viewer to become a Speaker during a livestream.

Livestreaming Mighty Insights™ Updates

We clarified the definition of Total Participants and added some new columns to track them in the detailed table. Check out this article to learn more!

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue with article blocks in ConvertKit showing square images as rectangles

  • Fixed disappearing badges in the Completion Automation section

  • Fixed new Networks getting stuck in the creation process

  • Fixed missing Network names next to logos

  • Fixed an issue with overlapping titles when in full-screen of a Lesson or Section.

  • Resolved an issue with a Zapier trigger when moving members between plans

  • Fixed an issue with subscriptions not syncing with Stripe


  • Fixed an issue with invite tags not syncing to inviting

  • Changed "Introduction" to "About Me" in the member profile

  • Fixed a missing toast message after sending invites during a Livestream


  • Corrected chat threads timestamp format

  • Fixed an issue with a missing title in settings for an Event

  • Fixed an issue where creating a chat thread resulted in duplication in the chat list

Week of 6/17/24


Filter and Sort Member Engagement Data by Tag or Badge in Mighty Insights™

Now, when you visit Mighty Insights™ you'll see new filtering options for Tags and Badges on both the Overview and Members tabs.

Ability for users to delete their own chat messages

On web, you can now delete your own chat messages in private, group or chat threads. Just hover over your message and select the trash icon.

Bug Fixes


  • Improved Space chat notifications to not show a count of all previous messages for new members

  • Removed the count indicator for Sent Invites in the Admin panel

  • Updated Requests to Join counts to only show for private Networks.

  • Fixed the “See Insights” link for Free Plans

  • Fixed a link redirect issue on the Space feature page

  • Removed the ability for Network Hosts and moderators to create/add welcome posts in Spaces

  • Resolved an issue with the member list not properly functioning during search

  • Improve the "Frequently Accessed" feature in Mighty Admin

  • Fixed a Space member list loading issue

  • Enabled Space moderators to save branding edits

  • Made "Message all members" accessible to Space moderators

  • Added the ability for Network moderators to toggle the Member Welcome Checklist

  • Fixed a Welcome Checklist management issue for Network moderators


  • Fixed an issue with certain views staying in light mode despite dark mode being enabled

  • Added an option to reply and mention when long pressing messages in threads

  • Fixed an icon color accessibility issue in Space headers

  • Resolved an issue with the Welcome Checklist overlaying Space chat


  • Fixed an issue with certain views staying in light mode despite dark mode being enabled

  • Fixed replies in chat with blocked members for 1:1 and group chats

Week of 6/10/24


Faster Livestream Replay Processing!

We made some under-the-hood improvements to Livestream recordings, which means your recordings will be available more quickly after your Livestream ends.

New Video: How to Message Your Members

Discover how to easily message all of your members, give a warm welcome to new arrivals, or segment your list to send targeted messages. It's quick, fun, and a game-changer for your community engagement.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved empty chat and threaded conversations

  • Fixed incorrect indicators after features are enabled

  • Resolved Mighty Insights™ not opening from the account menu

  • Fixed a persistent message when adding an icebreaker question

  • Resolved an issue with adding new Spaces to Plans


  • Resolved an incorrect mobile menu name

  • Fixed a persistent message when creating a new plan

  • Fixed an issue with an empty chat list

  • Resolved error message after successful iOS payment

  • Fixed duplicate messages when starting a thread or conversation

Week of 6/3/24


The New Mighty Admin is here!

Network Settings has been re-designed to Admin. Check out our announcement post and video tour!

Chat Threads

Chat threads help you keep private/small group and Space chats on your Mighty Network organized, more discoverable, and most importantly, more FUN.

Bug Fixes


  • Expanded the width of chat and notification menus

  • Fixed an issue where changing Network privacy to Plan Access resulted in an error


  • Resolved an issue with incorrect completed video analytics

Week of 5/27/24


Community Design™ GPT for All!

A few months back, we created our very own Community Design™ GPT, but it was only available to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise accounts. Now, it's available for everyone!

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where "Already A Member" button was not visible if a user was signed into a different Network.

Week of 5/20/24


Manage Your Chat Messages

There are now two new options for you and your members to easily manage your chat message preferences!

The first option allows you to more quickly mute any chat (1:1, small group or Space chat) in the three dots menu next to any message:

The second option lets you decide if you want to hide muted chats entirely

from the conversation list. This means that you and your members can decide exactly which messages you want appearing in your chat area.

Check out the video of these features in action!

Share our new help center article with your members that takes them through their chat menu customization options: How Do I Manage My Chat Messages?

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an error where emails no longer linked to accounts were still marked as "in use".


  • Fixed an issue in which Space Chat messages were incorrectly displaying visually within direct messages.


  • Fixed a crash when the notification permission dialog appeared.

  • Resolved chat notifications coming through despite being muted

Week of 5/13/24


Full Plan Names Now Display in Stripe!

From now on, we'll send the full names of payment plans (e.g., "Gold Monthly," "Platinum Annual") directly to Stripe for all new plans. This change will not affect existing plans.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue in which Show Similarities feature mentioned location when the location feature was disabled

  • Updated the chat settings icon to display a gear

  • Resolved a formatting issue in "Requests to Join"

  • Fixed an issue where members couldn’t invite people to a Plan Access Network

  • Resolved an issue where memberships were deleted after being created

  • Fixed an issue with multiple billing subscriptions for a Network

  • Resolved an embed sharing issue that showed the preview for the Network instead of the Space


  • Fixed an issue in which an endless "thanks for joining" message was looping after approval

  • Fixed a small visual issue when adding a GIF

  • Resolved an issue where the profile picture appeared empty, despite being set

  • Fixed a visual issue where member avatars were not cropping correctly

  • Resolved a crashing issue on iPad when long-pressing a chat message


  • Fixed an issue where the Plan "About" screen displayed an empty rectangle if an image didn't load

  • Fixed an issue where deep links caused a crash

Week of 5/6/24


Filter Member List by Course Progress

Bug Fixes


  • Made a significant "under-the-hood" update to improve Livestreaming across Mighty

  • Fixed an issue preventing the 3-dot menu from properly appearing next to a member's name in a Plan's member list


  • Fixed an issue preventing chat messages from appearing when tapping the unread chat icon in a Livestream

Week of 4/29/24


🔍 Filter By Space or Plan in The Member List

In any member list, you can now filter by Spaces and Plans.

This gives you the ability to take bulk actions like tagging, badging or messaging members of any selected Space or Plan.

👀 Delete Livestream Chats

Space Hosts and Space moderators (of the Space in which a livestream is taking place) now have additional moderation flexibility with the option to delete livestream chat messages.

This feature is web-only, but deleted chat messages will reflect immediately on mobile.

Bug Fixes


  • Improved delays with members auto-joining Spaces

  • Resolved an issue showing the incorrect past due date on a plan

  • Removed the ability for Space Hosts (who are not Network Hosts or Moderators) to adjust Space auto-join behavior


  • Resolved an issue with the activity indicator not displaying on a Collection view

  • Fixed broken embed links in Quick Posts


  • Fixed a crash issue caused by a Plan deep link

Week of 4/22/24


Activity Indicator on mobile
New mobile indicator in the upper-left corner (iOS and Android) to indicate when there's new activity happening within a Space.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a plan move error that was causing duplicate memberships

  • Fixed an issue where removing members from a plan with questions enabled didn’t remove them from the plan list

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t switch between Networks when logged in

  • Resolved styling issues in Livestream chat

  • Fixed an issue to prevent location from being available in Conversation Starter when disabled at the Network level


  • Resolved an issue where abandoning plan creation on iOS was not allowed

  • Fixed an issue where links with embeds on Livestream chat were not tappable


  • Resolved a visual issue where bolded text was not bold enough

  • Fixed a crashing issue during a Livestream

Week of 4/15/24


Learn How to Set Up a Waitlist

Getting ready to launch and want to build excitement for your new Mighty Network?

Already have an active community and want to build excitement for the launch of a new Course?

Check out our help center article all about how to use Screening Questions and Approvals to create a waitlist.

🔗 Link Right to Plans on Your Landing Page

Ever wanted new prospective members to skip right to the bottom of your landing page to choose a plan? You can now adjust your landing page URL slightly to create a link you can send to new members or include in your marketing materials.

Simply add /?choose_a_plan to the end of your landing page URL.

For example:

If my landing page is at:

I'd just adjust the link to become:

Bug Fixes


  • Updated the Mighty Checklist for Hosts

  • Fixed a visual issue in the Chat conversation list

  • Resolved an issue where hashtags couldn’t be selected from a dropdown

  • Corrected an issue where plan availability incorrectly showed as being only on iOS, without a corresponding iOS plan


  • Fixed an incorrect "livestream ended" message on viewer exit


  • Added screen size to the Google Analytics integration

Week of 4/8/24


Plans and Purchases on the Member Detail Page

Inside of the Member Detail Page, you will see a new tab showing current and past purchases. This update is a game-changer for making everyday administrative tasks easier!

Streamlined Space Templates

Our Space templates have gotten a spring cleaning! Now, when you create a new Space, you will see that it includes features that are more true to the template name. For example, a Chat template now includes only the features "Chat" and "Members".

Bug Fixes


  • Changed the "Last Active" column in member lists to reflect the last visit of each member to the Network.

  • Fixed an issue in which plan purchase notifications were incorrect including removed members.

  • Corrected an issue in which scheduled posts weren't saving "notify all" options properly after changes.

  • Fixed a bug in the Start Overflow, making it functional even without modifying a custom domain.


  • Fixed a problem where enabling background blur caused a previously turned-off camera to turn back on.

  • Corrected an issue where the Welcome Checklist percentage wasn't updating.

  • The Instant Plan Access feature is now accessible on iOS.


  • Fixed a problem where the Welcome Checklist was limited to showing only 5 items.

  • The Instant Plan Access feature is now accessible on Android.

Week of 4/1/24


Plans Dashboard Updates in Mighty Insights™.

A new wave of updates to your Plans Dashboard includes more filtering options (by Plan Interval and Plan Internal Notes), new charts like Active Subscribers, Active Free Trials, and Subscriptions Canceled, as well as other chart improvements.

They also include the addition of conversion and retention rates to help reduce manual calculations.

We also updated the colors to match Mighty's latest branding! ✨

Network and Space Branding Color Live Updating

Thinking about changing up your Network's look? You can now instantly preview new colors in your Network and Spaces without having to save your changes.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed file embedding issue

  • Updated member profile “date last visited" to show last login date vs. last contribution date

  • Updated minimum password length for Hosts and Members to 8 characters

  • Fixed an issue with a Table of Contents not displaying the preview correctly

  • Fixed an issue with Network colors changing after using the back arrow

  • Corrected a Spaces access issue on an Internal Plan


  • Fixed an avatar visibility issue during livestreams with camera off

Week of 3/25/24


Tags and Badges in Member Download List

This expands on the Tags and Badges work, and allows Hosts to export Tag and Badge data in their Member Download list, making this recent feature addition even more powerful.

Email Customization

This update expands on the Custom Email Domain feature and includes the ability to customize the sender prefix (ie: no longer just "info@") along with the email footer and address. It also includes the ability for Hosts to receive a test email during setup and officially moves the feature to Network Settings > Integrations.

Space Chats in the Conversation List

This feature adds Space chat messages to the conversation list (chat icon) and makes them more discoverable and the Network alive with people magic!

Post-Scheduling Flow Improvements

These updates simplify the flow for scheduling posts and also help reduce friction and confusion when creating and editing posts.

Android Native Picture in Picture

This feature enables Android users to minimize a native video and still perform other actions and stay engaged in the app.

30-Day Plan Move Notification

A new notification is sent 30 days before a member is moved to another plan, so they are reminded of the upcoming move.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue where space logos were not being created during Network creation

  • Fixed an issue where opening a quick post or poll in scheduled posts caused an error

  • Changed "date last visited" information on a member detail page to be the date they last logged into the Network (versus the date they last contributed to the network)

  • Resolved an issue causing the Meta Pixel from properly firing


  • Resolved an issue where the first notification in the menu was not openly properly when tapped

Week of 3/18/24


Instant Plan Access

Before now, when approvals were enabled for Free Plans and Plans Without Payment Gates, approved members needed to "Confirm Access" before entering. Now this has been streamlined, and they'll gain instant access upon approval.

This update is now live on web, and will be available on mobile shortly.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue with Space logos not being created for new Networks

  • Clarified the notification for an event comment

  • Resolved an error when uploading a video into a Lesson

  • Fixed an issue in which Networks were incorrectly seeing a 100-invite limit

  • Added a prompt when going live from Safari or Firefox to suggest using Chrome instead for best results

  • Fixed an error message when changing a role from the three-dot menu for a Space

  • Fixed a display issue when opening a notification from a Space with a disabled Table of Contents


  • Fixed an issue in which older notifications weren’t properly displaying

  • Resolved an issue in which previous comments and replies weren’t properly displaying

  • Fixed an issue causing unexpected formatting when sharing an event via mail or message

  • Resolved an issue on iPad in which the Confirm Payment section was blank

  • Resolved an issue preventing the Livestream preview from showing at full width

  • Resolved a display issue with the People Explorer on mobile

  • Fixed an issue with creating an Introduction from the Feed prompt


  • Fixed a visual issue causing a footer to overlap the email input when signing in on mobile

  • Resolved a Livestream crashing issue for viewers joining from mobile

Week of 3/11/24


Updated Froala text editor to the most recent version\
Expanded Course completion metrics in Mighty Insights™

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the livestream recording list was showing an empty state while loading

  • Resolved a small visual issue on public Polls and Questions where incorrect text was showing

  • Fixed an issue on polls where the tooltip didn’t update after voting

  • Resolved a visual issue in Mighty Insights where a tooltip was cut off

  • Resolved a notification issue where Network moderators weren't receiving in-app notifications about reported content or users

  • Fixed an incorrect error message that appeared when inviting

  • Fixed a "maximum limit" popup on Livestreaming that prevented members from joining

  • Resolved a search results display issue for comments in private Spaces

  • Resolved an issue in which the count on the Welcome Checklist was different on web than it was on mobile

  • Fixed a formatting issue in a Lesson that occurred with our new text editor update

  • Resolved an incorrect billing date issue for Hosts with pending invoices in their account

  • Fixed an issue where the member category wasn’t appearing in a Space’s People Explorer

  • Resolved an issue with incorrect Space colors appearing


  • Resolved an issue with the Mighty Checklist not showing progress

  • Fixed a visual issue where the wrong icon color was showing for a Space chat

  • Resolved an issue where Bluetooth speakers were not working with a Livestream

  • Fixed an issue where the network’s landing page URL caused the app to get stuck in a loop

  • Ensured the location permission request was changed to only “in use” and removed the “always” option

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for a paid Space didn’t show the name of the Space

  • Resolved an issue where the taxes label on dark mode was displaying incorrectly

  • Fixed a livestream issue in which switching cameras was causing the livestream to crash

  • Resolved an issue on iPad where price and subscribe buttons were showing inconsistently


  • Fixed an issue an issue with the app not opening properly from an email link

  • Resolved an issue where usernames were being clipped

Week of 3/4/24


iOS Livestream Background Blur

Previously only on web and Android, now you're able to blur your background on all three platforms.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an error message in the Global Members feature

  • Fixed an issue where memberships weren’t fully created when joining a plan with no payment gates

  • Updated Space moderator email visibility behavior in the event RSVP download


  • Fixed a visual issue in Sections where the content showed a large space and blurriness

  • Resolved an issue with a play icon appearing over a hashtag in a post and comment

  • Resolved an issue where the name of the Space was not showing in the tooltip


  • Fixed an issue with deep links not directing to the correct sign-in/sign-up flow.

  • Resolved an issue where Global Feed results would repeat when sorted

Week of 2/26/24


Bulk Action Tags & Badges

In Network and Space member lists, Network Hosts and moderators can now bulk add and remove Tags and Badges for selected members. Have a Space where you want to assign a Tag or Badge to all of the members? This new feature is for you!

Automatically Assign Tags & Badges on Lesson Completion

This feature is the first of our upcoming automations and allows you to automatically assign Badges or Tags to members who complete any Lesson (or the entire Course if you choose the last Lesson). Inside Lesson Settings, you'll see the new area called Completion Automation.

Add in any Tags or Badges you'd like to auto-apply by using the "+" icon. You can also view a list of all your automations, by going to Network Settings > Members > Tags and Badges > Manage. Selecting the three-dot menu next to any Tag or Badge will show "View Automations," which will allow you to easily manage all of your automations in one place!

Infinite Question Engine Notify All

Updates and bug fixes to the notify all feature in Infinite Question Engine.

Bug Fixes


  • Made an update to the content rating for our GIF partner

  • Fixed an issue where the Network name was appearing incorrectly on the Sign In and Create Account Pages

  • Resolved an issue where notifications for comments on the Page Feature were not redirecting properly

  • Fixed an issue where the bulk action menu was visually cut off and not scrolling correctly

  • Resolved an error message when creating a Featured Post


  • Fixed a discrepancy between the Welcome Checklist display progress and percentage

  • Resolved a delay in push notifications for a scheduled post

  • Fixed a visual issue when trying to select or highlight text

  • Fixed an issue with “Add to Calendar” not working properly

  • Resolved a few livestream issues in which the speaker tag wasn’t showing, demoting a speaker wasn’t working as intended and the video tile was still appearing after a speaker exited


  • Resolved an issue with the Discovery card not updating when joining on an Internal plan

  • Fixed an issue in which a plan on Android was showing the payment confirmation page

  • Resolved an issue where the attach image icon wasn’t appearing when composing a new chat message

Week of 2/19/24


Plans With No Payment Gates are now available! Hosts can now easily create a Plan that gives simple access to your Network or specific Spaces. Your members will simply see "Access" on the Plan, and then be able to enter the Network or Space after selecting that button.

The Infinite Question Engine feature has been updated to include an additional option for "Notify All" preferences, along with an improved question queue display.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue with the "Access" button at the bottom of the "About" page for Plan bundles

  • Resolved an issue causing repeating events to show the date of the first (rather than the next) event with our ConvertKit integration


  • Resolved an issue preventing @ mentions from appearing properly

  • Resolved an issue causing an empty People Explorer to appear on Profile pages

  • Resolved an issue with a trimmed logo in the Space header area

  • Resolved an issue (on tapping) that caused deleted or banned member profiles to briefly display along with an error message

  • Resolved an issue causing incorrect link colors in feed

Week of 2/12/24


For those on the hunt for the perfect new Badges, we now have the ability for Hosts to instantly generate custom Badges through OpenAI's DALL-E (based on your Badge Name and Badge Description).

For Hosts on the Courses Plan and up, the Network member list (Network Settings > Members > Member List) now allows for searching by name and email! This is a much-requested feature to easily find members without needing to download the full list.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue in which share icons on web weren't appearing properly

  • Resolved an issue in which two notifications were appearing for a single Space Chat

  • Resolved an issue preventing the ability to add a badge to a member after searching and selecting from the dropdown menu

  • Improved People Explorer display for visitors on Public Networks


  • Resolved an issue related to tapping on a banned member's profile

  • Resolved an issue causing profile photo to appear blurred

  • Resolved an issue causing excessive trimming of the Space header


  • Resolved an issue with profile switching between Mighty Networks

  • Resolved an issue with going live from the global button

Week of 2/5/24

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing the Members Near You tab to incorrectly display with member location disabled by the Host

  • Fixed an issue with an invite link to a private Space not properly giving access for a Network using SSO

  • Improved the display of share links to member profiles in chats

  • Resolved an issue where sending a chat message with an image or GIF was showing a blank desktop notification


  • Added the Badges filter to search

  • Fixed an issue in which a Space tag was missing in search results

  • Fixed an issue causing videos to replay after leaving a post

  • Resolved an issue causing an incorrect member display count


  • Resolved an issue with the Contact Support link

  • Fixed an issue where the profile was not properly changing when switching Networks

  • Resolved an issue where users where unable to go live while watching another livestream

  • Fixed an issue causing an app crash when going live from Global features

Week of 1/29/24


People Magic Features!


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing empty Welcome and Community Spaces on new Network creation

  • Fixed an issue causing a delay in Badge notifications

  • Fixed an issue preventing Infinite Question Engine from properly displaying content

  • Fixed an issue where event reminders were scheduling in the past

  • Improved people recommendation logic on profile pages


  • Fixed an issue causing the progress spinner and an empty feed view to appear when no Internet connection was available

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect popup colors

  • Resolved an issue where a Space was not loading any content


  • Fixed an issue in which Space discovery cards were using the incorrect background color

  • Fixed an issue with the Discovery card button not updating after joining an Internal plan

Week of 1/22/24


Plans Filter on Mighty Insights™

You can now filter by Plan from the Plan dashboard in Mighty Insights™. This will give you better analytics on how particular Plans are performing, and help you make data-driven decisions about what you offer on your Mighty Network

New login flow for mobile devices

To make things as seamless as possible for you and your members, we've updated the overall design and streamlined the first-time experience within our Mighty iOS and Android apps.

Bug Fixes


  • Added support for Vimeo Livestream embed chat display on web

  • Made a language clarification on Livestream event pages

  • Resolved an issue with the pending access filter on a plan


  • Resolved an issue with Soundcloud embeds not working properly

  • Resolved an issue with Space search


  • Resolved an issue with Soundcloud embeds not working properly
    Resolved an issue preventing viewers from seeing a Host’s Livestream video

Week of 1/15/24


Added the Member Category filter on the Network and Space member list

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved a visual issue causing button styles to change on profiles


  • Resolved a visual issue in which thumbnails on Lessons appeared slightly blurred

  • Fixed an issue causing a hyperlink within an article to not work as expected


  • Resolved a sporadic issue preventing login on an Android Tablet

Week of 1/8/24

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue in which Course completion was displaying as 100% after completing a Quiz, despite more Lessons still being available


  • Resolved an issue in which a second link within an Article wasn’t opening properly after leaving and returning

  • Resolved an issue in which the “Create Account” button was displaying in a perpetual loading state


  • Resolved an issue preventing Network links within email notifications from properly triggering app open

Week of 1/1/24


Livestreaming Improvements

We have two new additions that will give your Livestreams some new year polish!

  • Voice Isolation will ensure that your voice remains crisp and prominent, even in noisy environments.

  • Background Blur allows you to blur your background to give your location a more professional look! To find these new features, start a Livestream, then select either the microphone or camera icons.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Quick Posts were becoming Questions if they ended in a “?”

  • Resolved an issue where a Host’s email was repeatedly blacklisted

  • Fixed an issue with notifying all notifications where they were filtering based on Space visited and not Network visited.

  • Resolved an issue with an email notification not loading when selected


  • Resolved an issue where a custom navigation link redirected users to a blank screen

  • Fixed an issue with “Suggest a Conversation Starter” button not working

  • Resolved an issue with @mentions in comments.


  • Fixed an issue where the app crashed when an invited speaker tried to join a livestream

Week of 12/25/23

Bug Fixes


  • Initial set of Accessibility improvements for screenreaders

  • Resolved an issue where a notification was displaying the incorrect profile name


  • Fixed an issue with the member list reloading when multiple users join at once

  • Fixed an issue with @ mentions in Space Chat and comments

Week of 12/18/23


All Hosts Can Access Livestream Recordings

Previously, only the Network Host that went live was able to view their own Livestream Recordings. We've now expanded access to allow all Network Hosts to see available recordings!

You'll see a new filter in Network Settings > Livestream Recordings, from which you can choose "Yours" to see only your recordings or "All" to see them all. This means that any Network Host can hop in and post Event replays!

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an error that occurred when moving a member from a free plan to a paid plan


  • Fixed a visual spacing issue with chats

  • Fixed an issue with embedded links not appearing in the correct position on a comment after editing

  • Resolved an issue with notifications not correctly opening a post

  • Resolved an issue with Space switching in the left hand navigation

  • Fixed a visual issue with activity indicators in the left navigation

  • Resolved an issue where dragging a YouTube video didn’t properly dismiss it within a Lesson

  • Resolved an issue where the Picture-in-Picture feature restarted the video


  • Resolved an issue with livestream notifications not being marked as read until reading another notification

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect text on the About Plan screen

Week of 12/11/23

Bug Fixes:


  • Space Moderators are now able to edit Table of Contents content

  • Streamlined Network joining behavior for pending invites

  • Resolved an issue with members moved to a new plan while having an invalid payment method

  • Resolved an overlap issue in the Table of Contents section area

  • Resolved an issue with tax calculation on the first charge for members moved between plans to a new plan


  • Resolved an issue with video playback speed reverting

  • Fixed a visual issue when editing a post

  • Resolved an issue causing unresponsiveness when closing a video

  • Fixed an issue in which image links to Spaces weren’t re-directing properly


  • Fixed an issue in which Event titles were not displaying properly

Week of 12/4/23


Ambassador Dashboard in Mighty Insights™

For Hosts using our Ambassador Program, there's a new dashboard in Mighty Insights™ that shows detailed Ambassador information, including number of referrals and dates for reaching Gold, Silver and Bronze Levels.

Bug Fixes:


  • Resolved an issue for prospective members that accept an invite but then delay creating an account

  • Resolved an issue causing empty desktop browser notifications to display

  • Fixed an issue with chats not reloading to the latest message after sending

  • Resolved an issue with push notifications not displaying properly within inactive Spaces:

  • Fixed a visual issue with a blocked member in a private or disabled chat:

  • Fixed an issue preventing mobile chat notifications from displaying properly when @ mentioning


  • Improved behavior when sharing a link on iOS using the standard system share panel

  • Resolved an issue where the image for a Plan was not displaying correctly

  • Fixed an issue with closing the keyboard in Space Chats

  • Resolved an issue with the loading bar in Quick Posts with videos

  • Fixed an issue with opening a Quiz

  • Fixed an issue with editing and saving an Event on iPad

  • Resolved an issue with images in a chat being posted multiple times


  • Fixed an issue with the "Save" button being hidden on the onboarding account screen

  • Resolved an issue where the "&" symbol showed up as "&amp" in some Table of Contents sections

  • Resolved an issue preventing embedded Searchie videos from playing

Week of 11/27/23

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue causing chat popup notifications to not click through properly

  • Fixed an issue in which text added to a comment or post with an embedded link was removing the link

  • Fixed an issue related to "Maybe" RSVPs on Events

  • Fixed an issue related to checkout and article links

  • Fixed an issue in which a popup notification wasn't appearing as expected for external checkout links

  • Fixed a spacing issue on the Plan Share Link page

  • Fixed an issue for members finalizing their access to hidden plans after a period of inactivity


  • Fixed an issue with QR code scanning to add a new Network after already installing the Mighty Networks app


  • Fixed an issue related to editing a comment with an attached file

  • Fixed an issue causing comments to appear multiple times in an activity feed

Week of 11/20/23

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with a mismatched checkout link preview and landing page image

  • Fixed an issue where questions on external plans were showing in the reverse order

  • Improved sorting filters when viewing lists of Spaces

  • Resolved an issue with member and Host welcome notifications when adding a Space to a plan

  • Improved real-time synchronization behavior and indicators on mobile apps

  • Resolved a display issue for images and GIFs on Android

  • Resolved an issue on Android preventing the "Cheer" option from properly registering

  • Resolved an issue on iOS where the copy button was displaying incorrectly on a Quick Post preview

  • Resolved an issue on iOS where the “get me started” prompt was showing when no longer relevant

  • Resolved a display issue on iOS for hyperlinks in Quick Posts

  • Resolved issue on iOS where the Table of Contents preview wasn’t working properly

  • Resolved issue on iOS where popup notification messages for older chats were appearing

  • Resolved an issue on iOS where use of an emoji caused a text input issue

Week of 11/13/23


Internal Paid Plan Gates


We've expanded Screening Questions and Approvals to include Internal Plans! This means that you can now ask up to 5 questions before granting or denying access to members purchasing Plans to unlock Spaces in your Mighty Network.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved notification issues on web related to video uploading

  • Clarified instructions for the "Remove Member" Zapier action

  • Resolved a loading issue on iOS when clicking from a notification for multiple new members joining a Space

  • Resolved a loading issue for previous Chats on iPad

  • Resolved a feed loading issue on iOS

  • Resolved an issue with Space and Plan About page image display on mobile

  • Resolved a display issue on iOS when closing or returning back to a Plan page

  • Resolved an issue preventing the Quick Post hashtag suggestion dropdown from appearing more than once on iOS

  • Resolved an issue with @ Mention notifications that were copied and pasted

  • Resolved an issue in which a changed RSVP for a single Event applied to all Events

  • Improved responsive styling for content blocks in our ConvertKit integration

  • Resolved a display issue causing a blank desktop notification to display for an image-only chat message

  • Resolved an issue in which editing a comment scrolled to the top of the Feed

  • Resolved an error message issue when invited to a single Event Space

  • Resolved an issue with the Single event feature not appearing properly in a public Space

  • Resolved an issue where an image in an edited a Quick Post defaulted to a background image

Week of 11/6/23


Native Video Captions

Video Captions are a huge win for accessibility, and are now available across all platforms!

@ Mentions in Chat

@ Mentions are now available in Space and Private Chats. When tagged, a notification will appear directly in a Host or member's notification panel, and offer a fast and easy way for them to jump directly to the relevant part of the conversation.

Activity Assist

This feature is a new addition to our powerful Mighty Co-Host™ suite of features, and enables Hosts to easily re-engage members using a “Reach Out” option in the Network Member List. Choosing this option opens a private chat with an editable outreach message intelligently generated and personalized by Mighty Co-Host™.

Marketing Pixels

Hosts can now add Meta and TikTok marketing pixels directly to their Networks to track campaign effectiveness.

Quiz Metrics in Mighty Insights™

Hosts can now see detailed Quiz metrics within the Mighty Insights™ Table of Contents section, including Lesson and Quiz completion details per member.

Vertical Video Improvements (iOS)

Members on iOS (now matching Android) can watch uploaded vertical videos in fullscreen mode.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue in which Spaces displayed in the sidebar were bolded despite no new activity in the Space

  • Resolved an issue with incorrect RSVP counts displaying for a repeating Single Event

  • Resolved an issue with the “Pending Access” filter for prospective members that filled out screening questions

  • Resolved a visual error on Android Chat when specific special characters were added

  • Resolved a vote count issue on polls created from the Feed input box (vs. the “+” button)

  • Resolved an issue preventing Quiz questions from properly saving for Hosts

  • Resolved an issue in which posts containing only a link cannot be moved

  • Resolved an issue with clickthroughs to Chats from desktop notifications

October 2023 Releases

Notable Updates:

ConvertKit Integration

You have the ability to turn on a new seamless email and newsletter integration with ConvertKit—right from your Mighty Network. New to email marketing? Check out this video!

Introductions on Mobile

intro posts toggle.png

Introduction posts are are among the most engaging types of posts on Mighty, along with Questions and Polls, and they're now also available on iOS and Android! In addition, an optional new toggle is now available that allows Hosts to hide introduction posts entirely from their Global Feed on all platforms. This is a handy option for Hosts looking to keep the Global Feed more curated when onboarding lots of members at once, as well as for Hosts that prefer to welcome members primarily within specific Spaces.

  • New Integrations Section: It's easier than ever to explore and set up Mighty's integrations with Zapier, ConvertKit and Google Analytics. Just visit the new Network Settings > Integrations section.

  • More Flexible ConvertKit Sync Options: When connecting with ConvertKit, you're now able to choose whether or not you'd like to sync member data.

  • Updated Standard Font on iOS: Our standard platform font (called Mulish, and already used on web and Android) is now also available on iOS.

November 2023 Releases


  • Hide or Show Correct Quiz Responses: You now have the option to choose whether or not correct Quiz responses will show to members on results pages.

  • Purchase History: For members on your Mighty Network with a purchase history, Personal Settings > Your Plans & Purchases now displays any of their past subscriptions.

  • Member Retention Rates in Mighty Insights™: Mighty Insights™ now displays percentages at which new and existing members join and/or return to your Mighty Network.

  • Expand or Collapse Table of Contents Sections: You can now choose if you'd like Table of Contents sections to be expanded or collapsed (with only the active section expanded) by default. Members can also now adjust their own collapsed vs. expanded view to match their personal preferences. Learn more in this article.

  • Improved Plan Filters: We've made a number of improvements and bug fixes to Plan filtering, including the new ability to sort Plans alphabetically. Learn more in this article.

August 2023 Releases


  • Streamlined Internal Plan Links: For any Internal Plan, share links now automatically work for both existing and prospective members. This is a game changer for Hosts that want to more easily market Internal Plans.

  • Reset Table of Contents: Hosts now have the option to let members reset their own Table of Contents progress. This option is off by default for existing Table of Contents features. Available now on web, and coming next week to mobile!

  • Updated Online Event Reminders: For online events scheduled on your Mighty Network, event reminders have now been updated to send 10 minutes prior to the event starting (vs. 30 minutes previously).

  • Livestreaming Picture-in-Picture (Android): Viewers on Android can now minimize a livestream to perform other actions (in-app or externally), and still stay engaged through a picture-in-picture box. Coming to iOS in the future!

  • Ability For Hosts to Move Members Between Plans: We're now live with the ability for Hosts to switch members between subscription Plans. Want all the details? Our Help Center article has you covered!

  • New Income Details in Mighty Insights™: There's a new surprise now available in Mighty Insights™: the Income Details tab. Hosts can now see daily income updates and filter with custom date ranges, plan names and more.

  • Images and Videos in Quiz Questions (Mobile): Following last week's release of Images and Videos in Quiz Questions on web, the feature is now also available on iOS and Android. Learn more about Quizzes in the Help Center.

  • Images and Videos in Quiz Questions: Images and native videos can now be added directly to Quiz questions! This feature is now live on web, and will be coming to mobile early next week.

  • Weekly Network Contributions in Account Menu: Network Hosts and moderators will now see a preview of Weekly Network Contributions directly in the Account menu on web (upper-right corner), along with a handy direct link to explore more within Mighty Insights™.

Week of 8/7/23


  • Member Deleted/Deactivated Email Notifications: Hosts can receive an optional email notification when a member deactivates or deletes their account.

  • Plan Member List Filters: Hosts have a robust new set of filter and sort options to more easily find and manage members within a plan. Just visit Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans and select a plan to start exploring.

July 2023 Releases


  • Quizzes are now also available on iOS and Android for the Business Plan and up.

June 2023 Releases


  • Quizzes are now available on web for Hosts on the Business Plan and up, and can be added in seconds, without requiring any integrations with 3rd-party services.

  • Screening Questions & Approvals For Plan Access Mighty Networks: External Plans can now add screening questions, approvals, or both for prospective new members.

  • Landscape Mode Livestreaming on Mobile

New iPad Experience: An all-new Mighty Networks experience optimized for Spaces will be available for iPad in the next few days. Stay tuned to your App Store updates!

  • Custom Landing Spaces: Network Hosts can now choose different default landing Spaces for the following scenarios:

    • New members upon joining

    • Visitors (to Public Mighty Networks)

    • Returning members (when they sign in on new devices or return after signing out, otherwise their last-visited Space is remembered.

  • Mighty Co-Host™ For Everyone: The first AI community builder powered by Mighty’s own Community Design™ and GPT-4.

  • Livestreaming Event Link: This update now allows Hosts to select a scheduled Event on their “Ready to Go” Livestreaming page, which then automatically inserts the livestream link on the Event page.

  • Streamlined Permissions For Mobile Livestream Viewers: Previously, Livestream viewers on mobile had to grant camera and microphone permissions to view Livestreams. They now longer need to do so until they're invited on as a speaker.

May 2023 Releases


  • QR Code App Install: It's now easier than ever for your members to instantly install the Mighty Networks app and get the best experience for your Network on iOS or Android. Rather than the previous "Text Me The App" functionality, members can now instantly scan a QR code to be up and running in seconds.

  • Livestreaming Improvements: Livestreaming continues to get better and better with this latest batch of updates:

  • When viewing the Participants list during a Livestream, the Chat tab will now display an indicator for any unread messages. This is a great way to stay on top of the Participants list without missing any chat activity. Switching between these two tabs on web is also now speedier!

  • We've added better support for streaming when bandwidth is low.

  • There's a whole new set of improvements and bug fixes for those using Livestreaming on mobile web.

  • Performance is now even better for popular Livestreams with lots of rapid chat activity on web.

  • New Mighty Insights™: The next chapter for Mighty Insights™ is here for Business and Community Plans (enhanced Path-to-Pro and Mighty Pro updates coming soon). It’s different in 3 key ways:

    • Easier to skim for your “North Star” metrics across growth, engagement, or revenue.

    • Emphasizes what makes a Mighty Network different—your overall Network, your individual Spaces, and Native Features within each Space.

    • Highlights engagement that’s hard to see on your own.

  • Network Hosts Can Join All Spaces: Network Hosts now have the ability to add and remove themselves from any Space (regardless of privacy or payment settings), as well as preview member experiences by demoting, then re-promoting their roles. Get all the details in our Help Center article.

  • Expanded Screens Are Now Stored (Web): Across your Network, if a member expands a window to fullscreen, their preference will be saved for their next visit. For example, if a member taking a course expands a lesson to fill their screen, then closes it, they’ll return to the fullscreen view again when they continue.

  • Livestream Mirroring (Mobile): This was already available on desktop, but you can now also adjust your Livestream video mirroring preferences on iOS and Android.

  • Video Player Improvements (Android): We've streamlined and improved our native mobile video player to offer playback speed, video playback in portrait or landscape mode, and 10-second skip forward/backward options. Additional improvements coming soon to the iOS video player as well!

  • Zapier Updates: We've fixed some bugs and now require that a Space be selected for Zaps that create content on your Mighty Network. If you use Zapier, feel free to update to the new version (2.2.1), or you can wait for us to auto-migrate you in the near future.

  • Space Chat Notifications (Mobile): Following their release last week on web, Space Chat Notifications are now available on all platforms. As with our other notifications, members can disable them entirely if desired, and they're also able to be muted on a per-Space basis.

  • Larger Livestream Previews (Mobile): Livestream previews are now more prominent than ever, to better encourage your members using the mobile apps to join the livestream.

  • 'Notify All' Toggle When Unlocking Lessons and Sections by Date: When setting Course Lessons and Sections to unlock on a specific date you can now control whether or not a notification is sent.

April 2023 Releases


  • Space Chat Notifications (Web): We've started our phased rollout of Space Chat Notifications! They're now available on web, with mobile coming next week.
    As with our other notifications, members can disable them entirely if desired, and they're also able to mute them on a per-Space basis.

  • Larger Video Uploads: If you've ever hit the limit with 2GB maximum video file size uploads, you're in luck, as we've now increased it to 4GB (available when uploading via web and coming soon to mobile).

  • Improved Daily Digest: Your Network's Daily Digest emails now organize content by Space name, for even easier readability.

  • Clearer Pricing Language For Bundled Spaces: We've clarified the language shown for Plan Access Spaces included in Internal Bundle Plans to better indicate that they're part of a larger bundled price offering (on web, coming soon to mobile).

  • 'Notify All' Indicators on Scheduled Posts: Wondering if you set a scheduled post to notify everyone or not? Wonder no more, since we've added a new indicator next to each scheduled post.

  • Video Mirroring: Livestream Creators on the web can now adjust their video mirroring preference (shown to themselves) while a stream is in progress, as can any invited Speakers. Coming soon to mobile as well!

Week of 4/10/23


Mighty Co-Host™: The first dynamic community builder powered by ChatGPT-4.

Want to be the first to know when it's ready? Join the waitlist!

Mirror Your Own Livestream Video: For Livestream Creators on the web, you can now mirror your own Livestream video display (viewers will still see the standard non-mirrored version). Just make sure the "Mirror my video" option is checked on the "Ready To Go?" page before going live. This option will be expanding soon to other Speakers and will also become available on mobile.

Streamlined Space Invitations For Existing Members: On iOS and Android, you can now more easily invite existing Network members to new Spaces through @ mentions. From any Space's invite page, simply start typing any member's name after the @ symbol.

March 2023 Releases


Visual Table of Contents: Course Content is now 100% more visual. You may know it as the “Table of Contents” feature you can add to a Space—and now you have a new and improved visual version.

Unlock Lessons and Sections by Date: You now have even more control of your Course pacing with the ability to set Lesson and Sections to unlock on a specific date.

Space Hosts and Moderators Can Schedule Posts: Expanding from only Network Hosts and Moderators, Space Hosts and Moderators can also now schedule posts within their Spaces.

Livestreaming Improvements on Mobile and More: You know all of the great Livestreaming updates from the past few weeks? They're now available on iOS and Android too! We also made some additional Livestreaming design improvements on web.

Free Plan Language Improvements: For Hosts that have created Free Plans to access Spaces or bundles, we made some language updates and improvements to streamline and clarify the overall experience for members.

Accessibility Update: We're working on a series of updates across Mighty Networks, but as an immediate FYI for anyone with photosensitivity, we wanted to point out a great new improvement now available by default for those on iOS, with the just-released iOS 16.4 update:
Visit Settings > Accessibility > Motion to enable the new "Dim Flashing Lights" option.

Plan Checkout Page Direct Links: For Hosts that use external services like ClickFunnels to power their landing pages, we now offer the option to share a direct link to a Plan's checkout page, bypassing the main Network landing page.

We've added even more great Livestreaming updates:

  • On Livestreams with two Speakers, we now display one Speaker on the top and the other on the bottom (vs. side-by-side) to reduce unnecessary cropping.

  • We've adjusted the Livestream Speakers' video preview shown before starting or joining a Livestream to exactly match what viewers see (previously the preview was flipped horizontally).

  • We've made some general performance improvements, especially when multiple Livestreams are happening at the same time in your Network.

'Forgot Password' Improvements:
We've updated the language and layout of our "Forgot Password" email to improve clarity and reduce confusion.

Hashtag Prompt: On web, there's a new button when adding a Quick Post, Comment or Article to make it easier than ever to add hashtags (it's also available for Quick Posts on iOS and Android).

Create a Page Without a Title: Many Hosts have requested the ability to remove titles for the Page feature within a Space, often to better spotlight an image or video. You can now do so!


We added a slew of new updates on web, and they'll be coming to mobile soon. What's new:

  • Speaker names now appear during Multispeaker Livestreams

  • When a Speaker disables their camera, their profile image now appears (along with their name)

  • Muted Speakers now display a "muted" icon

  • We display an indicator to show which Speaker is actively talking

More Flexible Time Options for Events: We've updated our Events feature (as well as our new Single Event offering) to allow for more precise time scheduling, down to the minute.


  • When Livestreaming from the iOS or Android apps you can now invite Speakers to join you on screen.

  • We've made the ability to hide the live chat panel on web more apparent.

  • We've adjusted the placement of some streaming controls and indicators, and made a few additional small design improvements.

'New Messages' Indicator in Chats: If you step away from an active chat on the web, we'll now display an indicator that lets you jump right to the latest messages.

Tap and Hold to View 'Cheers' in Mobile Feeds: Wish you could see who "cheered" a post in your mobile feeds? Wish no more!

Cancellation Reminder on iOS: If your members subscribed to a Plan on iOS then decided to cancel, it was up to them to stop their recurring subscription through Apple. We now offer a friendly reminder for them to do so.

February 2023 Releases


  • Livestreaming Enhancements: Participants can now change their microphone and camera settings during a Livestream (not just when first joining). External audio playback sources like Bluetooth speakers can also now be selected as an option.
    In addition, the green bubble "member is live" indicators are also now removed on web for Livestream chats.

  • Member Download Updates: Host member download files now include information on whether a member has mobile push notifications and/or email notifications enabled, as well as if their email notifications are set to the Daily Digest or "As Activity Happens" settings.

  • Native Video Player Improvements: We've made some nips and tucks to our native video player to make icons more readable and improve controls.

  • Navigation/Spaces Improvements: We re-added the "Invite to Space" item in the three dots menu on member profile pages and made some small cosmetic updates, including the removal of the "half circle" indicator on web next to Spaces with new activity.

    • You can now go live and invite up to 8 additional people into the stream from your audience! Perfect for Q&As, guest speakers, interviews…you may find yourself using Zoom less and less.

    • Duplicate something already written and push it into any Space. Time=saved.

    • You’ve always been able to download your member data on the Business Plan and up, but now you can also quickly view email addresses when looking at the member list, as a Host.

    • Find what you’re looking for, fast. Now you can easily filter search results by Top, Newest and Oldest.

    • You can now mark individual notifications as either read or unread

  • Course Visuals

    • Updated default Course overview and Lesson images to our new visual style

    • Hosts can now easily add a Single Event feature tab to any Space.

  • Sound notifications on iOS

    • When enabled, iOS push notifications can now play a sound on your device.

  • Purchase Plan Notifications for Hosts

  • Playback speeds on mobile

  • Small Livestream Updates

    • We began rolling out an under the hood update to livestreaming to prepare for our upcoming multispeaker release.

  • Mighty Insights Updates

  • Zapier Updates

    • Our Zapier integration is now fully compatible with our recent Spaces release.

  • Desktop Notifications

  • Individual Notifications Mark as Read

    • On desktop, we’ve added the ability to mark an individual notification as read (just click the dot on the left)

January 2023 Releases


  • Updated Member Role and Category Display:

    • Custom member Network roles and Member Categories now appear next to a member's name on web. Coming soon to mobile!

  • Highlighted Hashtags Feature Tab

    • You can now enable a dedicated feature tab that will display the full list of Highlighted Hashtags for a Space. You can rename and reorganize this as you see fit, so you can even call it “Topics” if you’d like!

  • Video Playback Speed Options

  • Light and Dark Mode Logos

  • New Default Member Profile and Network About Page Images

    • For those that haven't already customized things, we've given the default Network images a Spaces-tastic visual update! So when members do not upload an avatar, you'll now see a new set of default images instead.

To submit a feature request or to see where we are in developing features, you can check out our product roadmap!

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