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How Do I Manage the Features in a Space?
How Do I Manage the Features in a Space?
Updated over a week ago

How to Add a Feature to a Space

To add new features, like Table of Contents, Events, Chat, and more you will want to go to the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Space > Features.

From there, you can toggle on what features you want in a Space.

A Space can have one feature or any combination of them! You can rename, reorder, and toggle on and off any feature available in a Space. Each feature name can be up to 20 characters long.

Here are the features:

An open chat conversation for all members in this Space where they can upload emojis, GIFs, and more!

In this feature, you can at mention other members by typing the "@" symbol and the member's name. They will be notified that you mentioned them in the chat.

You can also reply to chat messages!

You and your members will also receive a pop-up notification on web and mobile when there’s a new Space chat message.

To learn more about chat works in your Mighty Network, check out this article.


This enables Hosts and members to create, view, and engage with content in a Space-specific feed.

  • With the Feed, you can rename, select the Default Display Style, set the Default Sort Order, turn on and off certain types of content, and moderate who can post that type of content (ie: Everyone, Only Hosts and Moderators).


All plans here at Mighty Networks have a dynamic and engaging feature called “People Explorer” that surfaces connections between members in Spaces. To learn more, check out this article.

In this feature, profiles are arranged in clusters:

  • Top Members

  • Members Near You

  • New Members

If you have Member Categories enabled, then those will appear here as well.

Table of Contents

On the Courses Plan and up, this feature helps to organize and manage content such as course material, resource libraries, or directories.

In the Table of Contents, you can rename the feature, name Lessons and Sections, and decide if you would like a thumbnail or list view and whether or not you would like the content to be previewed. To learn more about how to customize these features, check out the article “What are Sections and Lessons in the Table of Contents?


Is a visual display for the Space to highlight key content, members, and more.

With Discovery, you can show, hide, or reorder (by dragging and dropping) up to 8 sections that you want to appear.

You can activate Events in your Space that include RSVP, messaging, and integrations with third-party services. Events in a Space will appear in the Feed feature, if it's enabled, and will appear in the Global Feed (only to members that have access to the Space the event is in, or if it's a public event in any Space).

You will also be able to decide who can create Events: Everyone or only Hosts and Moderators.

Single Event

This is a feature for the Business plan and up that creates a single event page.



A Page looks like an “Article" but is static in a Space.

You can decide whether or not you want comments and cheers on or off for it. It will begin as Hidden and when you’re ready to make it live, you will make it visible.

You can include a title for the Page or delete the "Add a Title" text and leave it blank.

Page Notifications

When you create a Page, you're the notification maestro! All comment notifications come to you.

Key points:

  1. Ownership Stays Put: Once you create a Page, all notifications come to you as the Page's creator.

  2. No Passing the Torch: You can't change the Page's owner.

Highlighted Hashtag List

This is a feature that will surface a list of highlighted hashtags in a Space, go to the gear icon > Features > Highlighted Hashtag List.

Once you toggle the feature on, you will be able to rename the feature to anything you’d like.

The feature is available on web and mobile. The feature will appear alongside others within the Space like Chat, Discovery, etc., and when clicked will show a list of all the highlighted hashtags in the Space.

Important note: The Feed feature will also need to be on in the Space.


Currently, you can't add the same feature type more than once to a single Space (e.g., two Feeds in one Space). We're exploring this for future updates. Share your thoughts on our product roadmap if you'd like to see this feature!

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