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Can I Add Marketing Pixels to My Mighty Network?
Can I Add Marketing Pixels to My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

Once you've upgraded to the Business Plan or higher, you have the option to add additional tracking and integrations to your Mighty Network—including your own Facebook Pixel that you can use for tracking conversions from ads.

The event we track through Meta and Tiktok Pixels is ‘CompleteRegistration’ which means that the member joins your Mighty Network. This tracking is available for any ads that you run to your Mighty Network on the web.

To add your Meta or TikTok Pixels, click on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Integrations > Marketing Pixels.

When you add your pixels, you will need to accept our Terms of Use.

Agree to terms - pixels.png

The use of Marketing Pixels will display a “Do Not Sell” button on the Cookie Privacy Banner for your Mighty Network.

image (6).png

If a member selects “Do Not Sell” then the member’s information will not be tracked.

If you don’t use Marketing Pixels then members will see a “Reject Targeting Cookies” button on the Cookie Privacy banner.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 4.24.35 PM.png

If you add in Marketing Pixels at a later date, members will be re-prompted with the Cookie Privacy banner that says “Do Not Sell”.

Current Pixel Tracking Capabilities

Mighty Networks currently supports Meta and TikTok pixels for tracking specific user interactions, primarily during account creation. When a new member completes registration and accepts all cookies, the pixel is temporarily activated to track this single event—CompleteRegistration. It is important to note that our platform does not maintain the pixel during regular site usage, ensuring both privacy and optimal performance.

Conversion API Support

Currently, Mighty Networks does not support the Conversion API, a server-side tracking solution that moves beyond traditional cookie-based methods. While this API is not yet integrated into our platform, we're actively evaluating its potential inclusion based on feedback from our community. Although it is not slated for immediate development, we are carefully considering this feature for future enhancements.

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