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How Do I Create an Email Newsletter for My Mighty Network?
How Do I Create an Email Newsletter for My Mighty Network?
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It’s easy! If you’re on the Courses plan and up, you will be able to seamlessly integrate your ConvertKit account with your Mighty Network to send customizable email newsletters, drip campaigns and more!

With our built-in integration with ConvertKit, you can add the following content from your Mighty Network directly into your ConvertKit emails:

How to Connect Mighty Networks and ConvertKit

To use this integration, you will need a ConvertKit account on the Creator or Creator Pro plan.

As a Mighty Network host, you get a 30-day extended free trial to give ConvertKit a try and test out the integration.

Next, you will click on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Integrations > ConvertKit > Connect ConvertKit.

Connect ConvertKit will show a screen to authorize the connection

CK authorization.png

After you grant access, then it will take you to the login page for ConvertKit. Here you can either login or create a new account.

CK log in.png

Note: You can also optionally confirm that the integration has been successful by going to the Advanced tab of your ConvertKit account settings.

Managing Your ConvertKit Account

After you have connected your account, you will see a screen where you can manage your ConvertKit settings.

The ConvertKit Account shows the email for the account that is connected to your Mighty Network.

Open Dashboard will open up your ConvertKit account in a new tab.

Sync Member Data will allow you to toggle on or off syncing your members to your Mighty Network. Toggling this on will show you a message confirming that you would like to sync your members.

When you connect ConvertKit to your Mighty Network, four things will happen:

  1. Your Mighty Network member information will be synced to your ConvertKit account.

  2. All Mighty Network members will get tagged with “Your Network Name” and “Mighty Networks Integration".

  3. If a member leaves, is banned or deleted from your Mighty Network, the "Mighty Networks Integration" tag will be removed.

  4. If a member changes their email address or name then it will be updated in ConvertKit.

  5. If a member has unsubscribed from marketing emails, their information will not migrate over.

For more information on syncing your member data, check out this article.

You can also disconnect your ConvertKit account on this menu. Selecting to disconnect will show a confirmation message

Note: It may take a couple of minutes for the changes in your Mighty Network to be reflected in ConvertKit.

How to Use the Integration

To use the integration, head to “Send” in the ConvertKit navigation menu, then select either Broadcast or Sequence email respectively.

After opening the email editor and clicking the “+” icon to add a new content block, you will see new options to add in Mighty Networks content.

CK send.png
CK list.png

You can also explore ConvertKit’s Visual Automations like this Template to Welcome New Members to your Mighty Network. Automations can set up email drip campaigns for things like a marketing campaign for a new Course!

Visual Automation.png

To learn more about the integration, how to sync your members and all the new possibilities, check out these articles from ConvertKit:

How Does Privacy Work With the Content Added

If a member or prospective member doesn’t have access to the Space that the content lives in (ie: an Event in a Space that is private, secret or plan access) then they will see a landing page for the Space.

For a private Space, they will see a way to request access.

For a Secret Space, they will see the landing page for the Space with no way to join.

For an Internal Plan or a plan access Space:

  • Logged in members will be taken to the Plan landing page where they can make a purchase

  • Logged out members or prospective members will be shown the Plan landing page, where they can create an account or sign in

For an External Plan or a plan access Network:

  • Logged in members see a toast message indicating that they already have access to this Plan

  • Logged out members/prospective members will be shown the Plan landing page. Prospective members can subscribe or current members can sign in (in the upper right corner).

Disconnecting ConvertKit from Mighty Networks

If you disconnect ConvertKit from Mighty Networks, any Mighty Network members you've synced to ConvertKit will remain as ConvertKit subscribers.

Any Mighty Networks content blocks you've added to your ConvertKit email drafts will remain in your drafts and you'll be able to send these emails without issues. However, you won't be able to add new Mighty Networks content blocks or refresh the content of existing ones.

You can disconnect ConvertKit from Mighty Networks from either your ConvertKit or Mighty Networks account:

Via Mighty Networks

To disconnect your ConvertKit account, click on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Integrations > ConvertKit.

After you disconnect, a confirmation message will appear

You can also revoke access inside of your ConvertKit account.

Via ConvertKit

Go to the Advanced tab of your ConvertKit account settings.

Scroll to your list of Connected Partner Apps, then click the Revoke Access button next to Mighty Networks.

revoke access.png

Click the Revoke Access button in the window that pops up to confirm the disconnection.

To learn more about the integration, check out these articles from ConvertKit:

You're all connected, now what?

Check out the ConvertKit Getting Started: Lunch & Learn Video Series

Check out the Mighty Guide to Making Email Magical Guide

Watch the video below for more inspiration!

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