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How Do I Customize My Member Support?
Updated over a week ago

On Community Plans and up, you can customize how your members reach out when they need help. This is useful for Networks that want their members to reach out directly to a specific email address or existing support URL from their Account menu “Help Center” link.

Customizing the Text and Link

Navigate to Admin > Members > Custom Member Support.

Toggling the feature on will allow you to change the name of the “Help Center” link, as well as have it link to either a URL:

Or an email address:

Note: You will need to add as the prefix “mailto:” before the email address in order for it to work properly.

If you don’t enable or customize this feature, when your members click the “Help Center” link, they will be connected to Mighty’s Customer Advocacy team through the same support chat you have access to as a Host.

If you would prefer that they don’t chat with us, but don’t have a specific URL or email to use, you can customize the link and send them directly to Mighty’s member help center URL:

As always, our Customer Advocacy team is available to help you troubleshoot any issues that you’re unable to solve. Just reach out to us through the “Need Help” button in the lower right corner of your Mighty Network on web- and coming soon to mobile!

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