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How Do I Embed a Vimeo Livestream in My Mighty Network?
How Do I Embed a Vimeo Livestream in My Mighty Network?
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Did you know? You can also Go Live in your own Mighty Network. Click here to learn more.

As a Network Host on any Paid Plan, you can go live in any Space where you’re also a Host. Any member will be able to join your livestream, if they have access to the Space. You can have up to nine people join onscreen for a livestream (including the Host).

Livestreaming is available on the web, Android, and the iOS app. Please note that Vimeo Livestream embeds with the Chat option enabled are not optimized for the iOS and Android apps.

Livestreaming on a Mighty Network with Vimeo

It’s easy to go live in your Mighty Network with Vimeo! First, make sure you upgrade to the Vimeo Premium plan to use the livestreaming feature.

To start, log in to your Vimeo account. Click the New Video button and click Create live event.


Give your event a title, select Recurring, and set the privacy to Public or Private. Make sure your Privacy is set to 'Public'. Click Next.

Choose a thumbnail to upload for your video. Copy the Vimeo event link then click Next.


Now you’re ready to livestream. Click the Go Live button. You are livestreaming!


Now, navigate to your Mighty Network and click at the top of the feed to create an Article. Give your Article a title, then click the “+” sign to pull up the Quick Insert menu and click on the Video Link icon.


Paste in the Vimeo event link. To embed the Livestream with the chat, add "/interaction" to the end of the link. Next, post the Article.


Choose to Notify All Members so they know you’re going live.


Here’s what your Article will look like in the feed when you’re livestreaming.


Here’s what your Article will look like when members click to view it.


After you've ended your livestream, make sure to upload a thumbnail image to Vimeo that will show in the feed. Otherwise, members will see a black screen with the play button.

If you prefer, you can also post your Article with the Vimeo event link in your Mighty Network BEFORE clicking the Go Live button in Vimeo. Members will see your thumbnail image until your livestream starts.

Livestreaming during a scheduled Event

If you’re planning to livestream using Vimeo for a scheduled Event inside your Mighty Network, simply add the link for the Vimeo livestream to the Event Description when creating the Event.


The thumbnail image you uploaded to Vimeo will show in the Event until you start livestreaming.

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