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How Do I Manage My Chat Messages?
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If you would like to manage your chat messages, you have some options!

Understanding Your Chat Messages

Inside of the chat conversation list, you may see different types of messages

  • Group and Private chat messages (direct messages with one or more people)

  • Space chat messages (chat conversations happening in Spaces)

  • Chat replies (replies to chat messages in Space, private or group chats)

Muting Chat Messages

With any of your messages, you can select the three dot menu next to the message to mute that conversation.

Muting a conversation means that you won't receive unread indicators for those conversations on the chat icon or in your left hand navigation.

Hide Muted Conversations

If you would like to further control the unread indicators you see in your conversation list, you can hide all muted chats by going to the gear icon in the upper-right corner, then selecting “Hide Muted Conversations"

Check out the video below to see your options in action!

Chat Notifications

Muting a chat will stop all notifications for that message. If you would like to change the way you receive notifications, you can go to Personal Settings > Notifications.

To learn more, check out this article.

Modifying How Messages Are Sent and Seen

You have the flexibility to choose how you'd like your private chat messages to be sent - by pressing the 'Enter' key on your keyboard or clicking a 'Send' button.

Here's how you can make this adjustment:

  1. Click the chat icon in the upper right corner of your profile.

  2. Click the gear icon

  3. Toggle on or off 'Show Send Button'

Existing Chat Conversations

In the mobile apps, tap the chat icon to open your chat list, where you can access previous conversations and start new ones. On the web, click the chat icon in the upper right corner to see a list of your existing chats.

mobile chat.png

You can search for existing chat conversations via the search bar in chat. By typing a name into the search bar, you'll see any relevant member names appear along with a text preview of the associated conversation. You can do this on both web and mobile through the chat conversation search bar at the top of the chat list.

Archiving Chat Conversations

Archiving a chat conversation will hide the conversation from your chat list. However, the chat will reappear in the list if another member adds a message to the conversation.

If you archive a chat and want to unarchive it, you can do so by recreating the conversation with the same people. Create a new chat, add the members, and when you click “Start Chat” the conversation will pick up where you left off.

If the archived conversation is with just one other person, you can also unarchive it by navigating to their profile and clicking “Chat.”

To learn about how members block each other, check out the article, "What Blocking and Reporting Tools do Members Have in My Mighty Network?"

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