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What is an Article and How Do I Create One in My Mighty Network?
What is an Article and How Do I Create One in My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

Articles in your Mighty Network are like rich blog posts.

You can format text, add photos, upload videos, embed videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, and more, add media embeds, include file attachments, and more. Then, you can add your finished Article to the Featured Section or to your Welcome Checklist to keep everything organized for your members.

To enable Articles, go to the Space you want to enable them > gear icon > Features > Feed > Manage and toggle the Article option "on." You will need to do this in every Space you want to enable Articles in.

Here, you can also restrict the ability to create Articles to only Hosts and Moderators, or allow all Members to create them. Members can comment on Articles regardless of this setting.

To create an Article, choose the + button and select the option to create an Article. On the web, this button will be at the top of the page.

Within the post editor, you can add an unlimited number of photos, upload a video, embed videos that live on YouTube and YouTube Live, Vimeo and Vimeo Live, or Facebook, embed media, and add file attachments (individual files are limited to 25MB each).

Formatting Text

Highlight text you’ve written in the editor to adjust the formatting, add a header, or create links. These are the actions you can take to format text in Articles you create within your Mighty Network:

Choose from five different header options


Add underline and strikethrough options, as well as bold and italics:


Format quotes to make them stand out:


Highlight text with a chosen color:

Change text color:

Add hyperlinks:

Adding Rich Media to an Article

Press enter to start a new line of text, and use the + button along the left to open up the options to add a photo, upload or embed a video, embed a media file hosted elsewhere, add a file attachment like a PDF, or include a section divider.


You can also embed rich media including audio tracks Soundcloud, playlists on Spotify, a Typeform, and more. Here's the full list of media embeds we support today.

Add a New Line Under a Video or Photo

To add an extra line under a video or photo that you've added to an Article, just hover over the bottom of the item you want to add a new line under, and click on the arrow that appears.


Make it Better

Need some help with your Quick Posts or Articles? If your Host has this AI feature enabled then all you have to do is type a sentence (or just a few words) and highlight the text with your cursor. The “Make it Better” sparkle icon will appear.


The options that appear when selecting the Sparkle icon are:

  • Fix Spelling and Grammar

  • Shorten

  • Elaborate

  • Change Tone:

    • Make it Casual

    • Make it Fun

    • Make it Professional

    • Make it Sincere

    • Make it Witty

How to Move Quick Posts and Articles to a Different Space

At any point, during or after creating a Quick Post or Article, you can move them between Spaces in your Mighty Network.

To move an Article or a Quick Post, click the three dots at the top right > Move:

Move article.png

Choose the Space you'd like to move the content to and select Continue:

Choose Space.png

The Space you move the Quick Post or Article to will need to have the Feed feature enabled, and Quick Posts or Articles turned on. If the Space you want to move the content to is greyed out in the drop-down list, ensure the Space's Feed and relevant features are switched on.

Choose whether or not you want to keep the content's interactions > select Move:

Group 2315.png

Note: If the Article that is copied has media embedded in it, it will not count twice towards your storage.

Accessing Drafts of Your Articles

When you're creating an Article, the form will auto-save any drafts you're working on before they're published. To access your drafts on a web browser, just click on your Profile Image > Saved Drafts:

Group 2316.png

You can also share a link to a draft with another Host by navigating to Saved Drafts, opening up the draft of an Article, and copying the full URL that you see in your browser.

One important note on drafts: While you can always edit your own post after it has been published, updates made while editing an already published post will *not* be auto-saved in drafts.


On Quick Posts, Articles and in comments on web, you and your members will see a prompt to add a hashtag (on iOS and Android, this will only display on Quick Posts). There will be a one-time tooltip over the hashtag prompt to let you and your members know that the button is there. Once “Got it” has been selected, the prompt will no longer show.

When pressed, it will add a “#” sign in the text of the Quick Post, comment or Article. Simply continue typing the hashtag and a selection of hashtags will appear as a drop down. If you have highlighted hashtags in the Space, those will also appear in the drop down.

Here's what it looks like in an Article:

Duplicate an Article

You can easily duplicate an Article by selecting the three dot menu in the Article > Duplicate Article.

When the Article is duplicated, you will receive a push notification that it has been duplicated.

Clicking on that notification will take you to the copy of the Article where you can change the title.

Updated July 2023

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