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How Does Mighty Networks Approach Accessibility?
How Does Mighty Networks Approach Accessibility?
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Our vision at Mighty Networks is to unlock a world with millions of unique, vibrant communities mastering something interesting together – led by creators, brands, organizations, and coaches.

To reach that vision, we are committed to developing and upgrading Mighty Networks functionality to work for everyone. Whenever possible, we strive to provide accessibility support natively and by using integrations available in web browsers, iOS app built-in features, and common built-in features on Android devices.

We have already taken significant steps on our path to becoming compliant with the internet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and we are close to Level AA WCAG 2.1 compliance. We’ve completed an audit of the platform to identify accessibility improvements and are working to be AA compliant with our current features as well as incorporating compliance into new features as we develop them.

A key visual accessibility component involves how color and contrast is used. To achieve the WCAG AA rating, the contrast ratio between the text and icons in a Mighty Network and the background color they appear on should be at least 4.5. Our platform prompts and guides our customers to make compliance color choices and if the contrast ratio is not adequate, the system will automatically correct the contrast to preserve visual accessibility. More details on these features are here.

When adding content, Hosts can enable video captions on natively uploaded videos. For embedded videos, we encourage our customers to use closed captioning, subtitles and/or transcripts to accompany videos. We offer embedding for many video providers with these kinds of features such as, YouTube, and Vimeo as described here. We also recommend adding caption text with photos for any content that includes imagery, and soon plan to introduce “alt” tag support on images.

Our native video player offers playback speed support, and we plan to continue expanding its accessibility features going forward.

In addition, we’re working on controls for auto-playing media to improve accessibility for photosensitive Hosts and members. Until available, we invite those on Apple devices to check out their suite of Accessibility options here, along with additional options for those on Android or Windows.

We invite you to follow along with our weekly product updates here, as well as monitor our upcoming product roadmap. For further questions or suggestions, contact us at

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