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How Do I Use the Infinite Question Engine?
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With an engaging question, people have a reason to contribute their stories, experiences, ideas, and opinions.
They strike up conversations. They learn something new. They have a reason to come back. They start to build relationships.
This simple observation started our obsession with understanding questions and polls a few years ago.
We went deep into our data and saw some fascinating patterns. The most engaging questions are:
⭐️ Concrete and specific
⭐️ Answered in under a minute
⭐️ Able to spark a longer conversation later in the comments
What’s better than one fantastic question?
An endless supply of relevant questions that use a proven formula to post questions and engage your members.

The Infinite Question Engine offers an endless supply of questions and polls tailored to your community or course.

This feature (available to the Business Plans and up) generates a list of polls and questions from the Space Description or, if you don’t have a Space Description, your Network’s Big Purpose and allows you to put member engagement on cruise control.

You can choose to have the feature auto-post for you on Mondays at 7am PST or you can choose which questions to schedule when.

How to Turn on the Infinite Question Engine

To turn on the Infinite Question Engine, navigate to the Space you would like to turn it on in. Click on the gear icon > Space Features > Feed > Manage.

Scroll to the bottom and you will see a toggle for Infinite Question Engine. After you toggle the feature on, click "Save". After, you will see the option to “See Questions”.

Selecting that will open a list of AI generated questions for the Space. These will be a variety of multiple choice questions, hot and cold polls and percentage polls.

IQE list.png

If the questions that it generates are missing the mark then you can try editing your Space Description or Network’s Big Purpose.

If you would like to edit your Space Description, you can click on the Space gear icon > Details.

If you would like to edit your Network’s Big Purpose, you can go to Network Settings > General.

Enabling Auto-Post

If you opt to toggle Auto-Post on, then the questions will automatically post in the order you see them on Mondays at 7am PT.

After you select Auto-Post, you will see the option to choose whether or not the posts will Notify All which will notify all members of the Space that a Question has been posted.

IQE new notify all.png

Enabling Auto-Post will show you the next post that is up in the Queue and the others that will follow:

IQE notify 2.png

The Space Host who enables Auto-Post will appear as the post creator.

If a different Space Host toggles off and then on Auto-Post, the posts will show as coming from their account.

You also have the option to keep Auto-Post off, which will give you more flexibility when the questions post.

Editing the Questions

The three dot menu next to each question will allow you to edit the questions.

IQE edit.png

You can edit any of the text or add your own flair like emojis or hashtags.

IQE personalize.png

If you would like to regenerate all questions on the list, you can choose the refresh icon in the upper right corner.

IQE regenerate1.png

Selecting that will ask you to confirm that you would like a whole new set of questions.

IQE regenerate questions.png

Posting the Questions

The three dot menu next to each question will give you the option to post now or schedule questions to post at a different date or time. Both of those options will show you the ability to notify all members that the question has posted.

IQE edit.png
IQE notify all.png

Initial Setup: When the I.Q.E. is activated (note: Auto-Post is turned off by default), it creates questions that are initially attributed to the person activating the feature. However, these questions won't be published immediately; they remain pending until further action is taken.

Posting Options: To publish these generated questions to your feed, you have three manual options, each affecting who the questions are attributed to:

  • Activate Auto-Post: If you choose to turn Auto-Post on, all questions generated afterward will be attributed to the Host who enabled this feature.

  • Schedule a Post: Opting to schedule a question for later posting will attribute that question to the user managing the scheduling.

  • Post Immediately: Using the "Post Now" option will attribute the question to the user executing this action at the moment.

This design ensures clarity and accountability in question posting, preventing any confusion over authorship.

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