What are the Network Host and Network Moderator Roles?

There are two types of administrators in your Mighty Network: Network Hosts and Network moderators.

When you upgrade to The Community Plan or higher, you can add an unlimited number of Hosts and moderators. This is in contrast to other platforms that charge you on a per-admin basis!

  • Network Hosts have full access to everything in Network Settings, including all payment, branding, the ability to create and manage all Spaces and Collections and much more! 
  • A Network moderator is a more limited role focused on moderating members, content, and features.
To see the breakdown of specific permissions each role has, check out this article
To manage the features inside of a Space, a role will also need to be a Space Host or Space moderator. To learn about Space Host and Space moderator roles, check out this article.

Changing Roles

To make a member a Network Host or Network moderator, navigate to the Global Members list and select the three-dot menu next to their name.
If you don’t have the Global Members feature enabled, you can find the member in Network Settings > Members > Member List > three-dot menu next to their name.

Demoting and Promoting Network Host Role

Network Hosts can join and leave any Space regardless of privacy or payment. When a Network Host joins a new Space, they will automatically join as a Space Host.

They also have the power to demote and promote themselves to any role within a Space by selecting the three dot menu of a Space > Change Your Space Role.

From there, they can select their new role. This is a great way for Hosts to view a Space as a member. You can toggle between the role of member and Host effectively to give yourself a preview.

A Network Host can join a paid Space by selecting “Join as Host”

When they join, they will not be a part of any Plan and therefore won’t be able to change their role to either Space moderator or Space member. If they would like to be able to change their role, they will need to be added to a Free Plan for the Space (via a share link). 

If a Network Host is invited to a Space as anything lower than a Space Host, they will still join as a Space Host (regardless of which role was specified when they were invited into the Space).

When updating a Network member or Network moderator to a Network Host, a confirmation modal will show. If a Network role is changed, this does not affect their previously designated Space roles.

If a Network Host is a part of a paid Mighty Network and they are not on a Paid Plan, they will need to join one in order for their role to be changed.
The best next step will be to deactivate their account and then re-join the Mighty Network on a Free hidden share link.
Updated September 2023

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