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What is Mighty Pro?
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The highest level of software, services, and membership on Mighty is Mighty Pro.

It allows a brand or entrepreneur to deliver a unified member experience with courses, memberships, events, challenges, livestreaming, and more.

Mighty Pro Software

A Mighty Pro Network is made up of Spaces.

The goal of Spaces is to be able to create a community, challenges, courses, or memberships that run themselves.

Spaces are innovative “no code” software containers designed to support native challenges, community, memberships, events, and more:

  • Spaces or collections of Spaces can be made public, private, or paid.

  • Spaces hold natively designed and delivered features.

  • Spaces and features can be renamed, re-organized, and support multiple feature combinations.

Features that can be added to a Space:

Mighty Pro also has access to Mighty Co-Host™— the first AI community builder designed to automate the creation and engagement of a new community, challenge, course, or membership—as well as interactions between members.

Mighty Pro Hosts access exclusive Mighty Co-Host™ features not available on other Plans, beginning with the Infinite Question Engine:

  • Built into the Community Feed feature of any Space when Polls & Questions are enabled. Questions and Polls are generated based on the Space Description following our Community Design™ Question Formulas and powered as of the Effective Date by OpenAI’s GPT enterprise API.

  • Mighty Pro Hosts can choose to publish the generated Questions or Polls as surfaced or edit them before sharing them with Members.

  • There is also an Auto-Post feature that allows the Infinite Question Engine to post a Question or Poll on behalf of the Mighty Pro Host on an ongoing basis without intervention.

Additional Mighty Co-Host™ features include an Instant Course Outline, Make It Better for text improvements, Profile Assist to help Members with introductions, Show Similarities to surface what Members have in common with each other, Start a Conversation, Suggested Hashtags, Icebreaker Suggestions, and Application Assist.

Branded Mobile Apps

Mighty Pro includes your own branded native mobile apps both for iOS for iPhone and iPad and Android—available for direct download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Mighty Pro branded native mobile apps on iOS and Android are different from web-based alternatives in three ways:

  • Member Experience—natively developed mobile apps take full advantage of the software development kits (“SDKs”) of their respective platforms. This means faster, more intuitive Member experiences that result in higher engagement.

  • Performance—natively developed mobile apps are faster than web-based alternatives because they execute operations directly on a device rather than needing to call a server for every action. This also contributes to faster, more intuitive Member experiences and higher engagement.

  • Positive Ratings and Reviews—natively designed and developed mobile apps present a better branding and marketing opportunity because of a more optimal member experience and faster performance. This directly results in more people seeing and trying your branded native mobile apps than brands who rely on web-based alternatives or the web alone.

By choosing Mighty Pro, your branded native mobile apps package includes all new features developed for Mighty Pro automatically available for your iOS and Android apps and ongoing maintenance and performance improvements.

All this is delivered without slow and expensive custom development. We’ll have your apps live in the app stores within 4-6 weeks.

Mighty Pro customers include established creators and brands such as YouTube star Adriene Mishler, XPRIZE and Singularity University founder Peter Diamandis, coaches like Zach Bush MD, Girlboss founder Sophia Amoruso and brands such as TED and wellness scheduling platform MINDBODY.

Mighty Pro also includes a team and services

Each Mighty Pro Host is paired with a Community Strategist. They’ll help coordinate services, pull in subject matter experts across Mighty, answer questions, and serve as the liaison to both the Mighty Pro Launch Specialists and the Mighty Pro Ops team.

Mighty Pro Launch Specialists have deep experience in successfully launching Courses, Community, Challenges, and Memberships both on and off Mighty Pro. They guide Mighty Pro Hosts through the strategy and steps to launch their Mighty Pro Networks to maximum member adoption, engagement, and revenue.

The Mighty Pro Design Studio™ creates App Store and Google Play Store materials, mobile splash screens, banners, and more.

Mighty Pro Hosts also have dedicated support, seven days a week.

Services for Pro Hosts vary depending on their needs. They often include migration from another course or community platform, a profitability roadmap to optimize revenue streams and create new ones, a new member engagement plan, and more.

Mighty Pro Hosts can access the Mighty Pro Membership

In addition to software and services, Mighty Pro Hosts gain access to an exclusive Mighty Pro Membership Network.

Within the Mighty Pro Membership, we offer our proven Community Design™ Masterclass that covers community programming, pricing, and structure, how to run courses, challenges, and events for maximum member engagement—and more.

Each lesson in the Masterclass ends with a simple, discrete “action” for the Host to take, alongside supporting guides and an intimate community to navigate the concepts together.

The Mighty Pro Membership also hosts regular live sessions for ongoing support, strategy, accountability, and training.

It’s also where we share our latest analysis and success stories across the top tier of Mighty. This can include data around pricing, insights into how to structure your offer and Spaces, and previews of our new features.

Mighty Pro Bonuses

Mighty Pro Hosts also unlock bonuses that are designed to deliver on the promise of a community that runs itself and a brand that builds itself.

  • Pro Hosts can have up to 5,000 free subscribers on ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan. ConvertKit integrates seamlessly with Mighty Networks—meaning you can pull in content, members, Events, and more to ConvertKit emails and automate onboarding with ConvertKit sequences.

  • Pro Hosts get 5,000 free Zaps a month with Zapier, as well as an initial Zapier setup. This is to ensure that every part of a Pro Host’s tech stack works seamlessly together with their new Mighty Pro Network.

  • Pro Hosts get access to Quaderno for free—this is third-party software that integrates with Mighty to handle taxes.

Schedule a call to explore Mighty Pro.

If you’d like more information about Mighty Pro, the best way to start is to book a short call with our team.

We’d love to hear what you’re trying to build and can show you how our most successful customers are using Mighty Pro.

To schedule your call or request more information, you can reach out here.

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