Welcome New Members

You can instantly welcome all new members in your Mighty Network by navigating to Network Settings > Members and selecting the text that says "Welcome new members." 

From there, you will see a prompt to Welcome Members. Tap or click on this button, and every new members who's joined since the last time you welcomed all new members will receive a short email or mobile notification from you.

After you tap on the button to welcome all new members, those members will receive a quick note from you either via email or push notification, depending on their notification preferences.

Here's a preview of what a welcome email look like when it lands in someone's inbox:


Welcoming all new members daily is the quickest and fastest way to make every new member feel like they are a valuable part of your community.

If you want to give your new members even more opportunities to learn what your Mighty Network is all about, you can also add a Welcome section for them to see at the top of the feed right after they join.