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Can I Have a Plan with No Payment Gate?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can!

You may want to offer a Plan that has no payment language or checkout process associated with it.

This may be a good option for you if you are taking payments with an external payment tool and want to provide access to your Network or Spaces after a member has purchased off platform.

You may also want to bundle Spaces together and offer access to them with a simple link and no payment language or checkout process.

What’s the difference between a free plan and a plan with no payment gateway?

The difference is in what your member sees when they click on the Plan:

Here is a what a Free Plan looks like:

Here is a Plan with no payment gateway:

When a member clicks “Access” on a Plan with no payment gateway, they will be dropped right into access to your Network or Space without going through a checkout process.

To create a Plan with no payment gateway, go to Admin > Plans > Plan List and select the “+” icon in the upper right corner

Then create the Plan with the access you would like to provide:

To help you make these decisions and detailed instructions on setting up Plans check out, How Do I Set Up Plans and Charge on Mighty Networks?

After you set up the first page of your Plan, you will continue to set up your gates.

Here you will want to be sure that the “Payments” gate is toggled off.

You also can set up Screening Questions and/or Approvals on these Plans.

The next page will let you know that the payment gate is off.

Selecting Finish, will show you a preview of how the Plan will show to your members:

After the Plan is created, you can click into the Plan on the Plan list and click the Share tab to create a share link.

This will allow you to share the link to the Plan with your members.

To learn more on how to market your Space Plans to current and prospective members, click here.

To learn more about using an external payment tool, click here.

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