How Do I Invite Members to My Mighty Network?

In Network Settings > General > Default Invite Text, you will see an option to set the invite message to your Mighty Network. The "Suggestions" button is part of Mighty Co-Host™ and will help to generate suggested invite text based on your Big Purpose.

Changing the text here will now save your invite copy without having to copy and paste it each time you want to send a new invite.

You can also invite members from your Invite Page which you can find In the upper right corner by selecting the Invite icon. From there, you will be able to invite members directly by copying the Share link. The invite icon will provide direct access to the Share link without having to open a side page.

“See More Invite Options” will take you to your Invite Page. 

Find Your Invite Page

To access the Invite page, you can click the icon in the upper right corner go to Members and select Invite:


You have an Invite page for your main Mighty Network, as well as one for individual Spaces.

If you have your Ambassador Program enabled, you and your members will see their share link at the top of the Invite feature.

From the Invite page, you have two ways to invite members to your Mighty Network:

  1. Directly invite members via the Email Invite Feature.
  2. Share a link to your Mighty Network or an individual Plan or Space.



To send an email invite, add one or more email addresses, personalize the message, and hit send. The link admits one person to join, one time. This link cannot be reused or forwarded to someone else. Email invites expire in 4 weeks.

You can personalize your text message in each batch of email invites you send. Today, there isn't a way to set a new default message. 

Once you've sent out an invite, your invitees will automatically get up to three email reminders from our system. These invite reminders go out after 3, 10, and 30 days.

Important Note: If you have a private Mighty Network and you use the invite share link or send a direct invite, then members will bypass any request to join questions you have set up.

Use a Share Link to Invite Members

Beyond the Email Invite Feature, you also have a Share link to include in your email newsletter, use on your website, or share on social media. This share link is accessible to Members even after you change your Domain name to a Custom Domain. When someone clicks on this link, they will be able to instantly sign up and join your Mighty Network.

To find your Share Link, go to your Invite page and copy your Share link.

Invite Directly to a Space

At the top of the Space, you can click the “+” icon > Invite.


You can also select the three-dot menu of the Space > Invite.


Or there is an invite button inside Manage or inside of Space Members.


This is where you can also manage your sent invites as well.

Auto Join Spaces

If you have public Spaces, you can choose to auto-join members to those Spaces by selecting "Auto Join". This will automatically add all current and future members of your Mighty Network to this Space. Neither Hosts nor members will receive notifications for Auto Join Space and members can leave a Space at any time.

Auto join Spaces will also not appear on plans.


Invites will act according to the privacy settings of the Space. 

To have people join the Space and the Mighty Network at the same time, go to your Space Members page and choose Invite. From the Invite page, you can choose to invite via email directly or copy and paste the Share Link. If you are inviting someone to a paid Space, they will have to pay before being allowed access.

Both paths will bring your prospective members to a Sign-Up page that has them join your Mighty Network *and* the Course, Group, or Plan at the same time.

Once they register, they will be dropped off in the Space directly while also joining the main Mighty Network. 

To learn more about the Status of Invites and Requests to Join, check out this article here! 

Welcome Experience for Invited Members

On the web and mobile, when an invited member joins the Mighty Network from an invite link, a popup (with confetti!) greets them with a prompt to start a chat with the inviter.

In addition, inviters will now receive an encouraging new notification message after their first invitee joins, and if the Ambassador Program is enabled on the Network, members will receive messages as they reach new Ambassador levels.


Download and Sign In to the Mobile Apps

Your Email Invites and Share links will allow someone to sign up on the mobile or desktop web. 

To access your Mighty Network on the mobile apps, your members will sign up on the web, text themselves the app, download it, and find your Mighty Network. From there, your members will need to sign in a second time to get access.


Invite New People as Hosts or Moderators

When you send your email invites, you can choose to invite people as members, as fellow Hosts, or as Moderators. Use Network Permissions to make the switch: 


Invite Members for Free When Your Mighty Network Charges for Access

If your Mighty Network is set to paid via our Plans feature, you can invite your members in for free. Just not from the Invite page. Instead, you will need to use the option to invite members for free by following the instructions here.

Add the Ambassador Program for Member Referrals to Your Mighty Network 

As a Host, you have the option to add a member referral program. It's called your Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program is available when you upgrade to The Community or Business Plan. It tracks member referrals, adds badges for those who bring new members, and offers a way for you as the Host to set up manual rewards. It is not an Affiliate Program that tracks and automates payouts on Mighty Networks that charge.  

Upload a CSV of Your Email Contacts

If you have an email list and you're on The Community Plan or The Business Plan, you can quickly upload a list of folks you want to invite to your Mighty Network by using the option to Upload CSV.

When you select this option, you'll be prompted to upload a CSV file with this information available: First Name (optional), Last Name (optional), and Email Address (required).

After uploading your CSV, we'll do a quick check to make sure that everything was imported correctly.



Once you confirm that all the information looks right, you'll be prompted to customize the invite message that you want to send. 

Important notes: If you upload a CSV with more than 50 email addresses, we'll send out your invites in batches of 50 at a time to avoid emails going to spam. If you want to send out more at a time, please upgrade to The Business Plan, then contact us in Host Help. 

This batching of invites will also impact your Sent Invites tab. You may see some invites in the queue for a short period of time before they go out.

The maximum size that we support for the CSV is 100,000 records. If you would like to invite a larger list, we recommend splitting your invite list into smaller CSV files and uploading them separately.

Keep Your Invite Reputation Strong

We take spam prevention seriously. 

When you're sending out large batches of invites, the speed at which your invites go out will depend on how many of your invites bounce in our system, how many people unsubscribe from your invites, and how many people convert as members.

We recommend uploading a clean, verified list of good email addresses when you invite new members in so you can ensure that your invites are sent out quickly and efficiently. 

If your list is large and you haven't done a thorough check to make sure all of the email addresses on your list are current and have a strong probability of converting, your invite reputation in our system may get flagged. In this case, use the Share Link to send your invites through a 3rd party email service like Mailchimp or Convertkit. 

Limit Who Can Invite New Members

If you want to limit members from inviting in new people, set your Mighty Network to be private or secret. Under the Network Settings > General > Network Access > Invites, then choose between "Let All Members Invite" (the default) or "Only Hosts Can Invite." 

When you choose "Only Hosts Can Invite," the Invite page will only be visible to you as a Host. 


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