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Is There a Glossary of Terms?
Updated this week

You bet! See below for a list of the Mighty Networks terms to know.

This is the motivation for your community—why you're bringing people together—and what they're going to do to achieve Results and Transformation they just can't get on their own. It's a concept from our Community Design™ course, and one of the most important things to get clarity on when you're just getting started.

Community Design™

This is our unique and proprietary framework for building a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it essentially runs itself. It's based on insights and data from the hundreds of thousands of communities, courses, and memberships on Mighty. We teach Community Design™ here in Mighty Community, so you'll likely see us (and other members) reference it. You can sign up for the latest programming right here.

The people who need your community, course, or membership the most right now will join up and contribute to what you're building.


Network Host

If you've created or are helping to run a community, course, or membership on Mighty—you're a Host! We call our customers Hosts because running a Mighty Network is like bringing people together for a fantastic dinner party.

Hosting duties aren't just limited to Network creators—you can also invite people to be your co-Hosts. They can be the Host of the entire Network alongside you, or you can invite people to be the Hosts of specific Spaces.

Network Moderator

This role is a more limited role focused on moderating members and content.

Space Host

This role controls everything about the Space, but these permissions do not extend beyond the Space.

Space Moderator

This role is more limited role focused on moderating members and content.

To view the different permissions for each of these roles, check out:


Members are the people who join your Mighty Network or Spaces.


Are what you use to organize Spaces.

Feed, Events, and Discovery aggregate content from across all Spaces that you and your members have access to. Members is a full list of all the members in your Mighty Network. You can reorder, rename, and toggle off each of these features. To manage these, go to Admin > Navigation and Spaces > Global Features.

Spaces are flexible, no code containers. They're the main building block of a Network on Mighty. They live in the left-hand navigation bar. You can control access to each Space. They can be public, private, plan access, or even token-gated (natively—no bots required!). Spaces are the main building block of a Mighty Network. Each Space can focus on one feature or have multiple features.


A great way to segment your members and add tags around things like interest, company, title, and more!

The first AI community builder powered by Community Design™ and GPT-4 available for all Mighty Networks. This is a set of powerful AI features designed to help both you and your members experience thriving communities that run themselves.

Community plans and up have a dynamic and engaging feature called “People Explorer” that surfaces connections between members.

People Explorer.gif

This is what you will create if you would like to charge for Network membership or Space membership. Check out "How Do I Set Up Plans and Charge?" for detailed information on setting up Plans.

  • Visible: This status only applies to Plans. Visible Plans can be seen by everyone inside of your Mighty Network or on your landing page.

  • Hidden: This status only applies to Plans. Hidden Plans can only be seen by people you send the direct link of the Plan to.

You can toggle these options on and off at the top of the Plan.

These terms only apply to the privacy of your Network or Spaces

We have four main privacy settings that you can set for your overall Mighty Network and per Space:

  • Public - open for anyone to join and explore without a registered profile.

  • Private - request to join

  • Secret - can only see the Network or Space when invited directly

  • Plan Access - members can join when they pay a membership. You can also add screening questions and approvals for Plans.

Network Hosts and Network moderators on the Courses Plan and up will have access to unlimited Tags and Badges.

Tags are internal facing only and can be used to categorize and segment your members. For example, this could be used to notate members who are at risk of churning, potential mentor candidates, and more. The members assigned the Tags will not be able to see them, these are just for internal segmenting.

Badges can be assigned to anyone and are visible to everyone in the Mighty Network. They can be used to celebrate member milestones, achievements, and actions. For example, you could create a Badge for the completion of a Course, referring the most members that month…etc. The sky’s the limit on what you can use them for!

Badges on profile.png
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