How Do I Manage the Spaces in My Mighty Network?

You can easily manage the settings in your Space by going to your Space Settings.

How to Access Space Settings

To access your Space Settings, click into the Space and select the gear icon.

You can also click the three-dot menu next to the Space > Settings:



This section will allow you to manage things like Space name, tagline, choose or move the Collection the Space is located in, description, branding, privacy settings, and moderation.

Space Name can have up to 40 characters

Space Tagline can have up to 100 characters

Space Description can have up to 10,000 characters

If you need to delete a Space, you can do so in these settings as well.

Move a Space to a Different Collection

To move a Space to a different Collection, select the drop-down under Collection to change the Collection the Space is located in.


As the Space Host, you can customize the design by going to Space Branding. You can add a custom color, logo, and image or video to any Space in your Mighty Network. To learn more about how to brand a Space, check out “Can I Brand a Space?

Privacy Settings

Each new Space you create will be Secret until you change the privacy settings. To learn more about privacy settings, check out “How Do I Set the Privacy Setting for a Space?”

If you have public Spaces, you can choose to auto-join members to those Spaces by selecting "Auto Join". This will automatically add all current and future members of your Mighty Network to this Space. Members can leave a Space at any time.

If you would like to charge access to a Space, then check out “Can I Charge for Access to a Space in My Mighty Network?”

Here you can also see a snapshot of how members are allowed to invite. Click here to learn more about inviting members to a Space.


As a Space Host, you can set up a Featured Section or a Welcome Section that will display in the feed for your Space members to see (if you have the Feed feature turned on).

The Welcome Section appears at the top of the feed for new members and can include an unlimited number of pinned posts, including polls, articles, questions, and events.

The Featured Section appears in the feed for all Space members, and can also include an unlimited number of pinned posts, including polls, articles, questions, and events.

Here is an example of how the Featured Section appears in a Space:

To add a post to your Space's Welcome Section or Featured Section, you need to first log into your Space on the web. The Welcome Checklist will only be at the Network level.

From there, you can use the prompts in the three-dot menu next to each post or event in your Space to add that post to the section where you want it to be pinned.

To reorder the posts in each section, just navigate to Space Settings > Space Organization in your Space and then click on "Manage" for the section you want to edit.


From there, you can drag and drop posts into a specific order if you want to change how they are displayed for your members.

Space Members

In these settings, you will be able to view a list of your members in the Space, welcome new members, message all members, download your member list for the Space (if you’re on the Courses Plan and up) and invite members to a Space and manage your sent invites.

If you are a Space Host, you will also be able to see the emails from your members in this list. You will see an eyeball icon at the top of the email list. 


When you select it, a privacy reminder will appear. Clicking "Okay" will unhide the member emails. 


Space Payments

These settings will allow you to create and manage Space Plans. If you would like to charge for access, check out this article to learn more.

How to Duplicate a Space

You can easily duplicate a Space by selecting the three dot menu > Duplicate.


You will be shown a screen that mentions the changes you will see in the duplicated Space. 


Next, you will choose how you want the posts to be duplicated. 

Note: since the only members in the new duplicated Space will be Hosts and moderators, the duplicated posts will show as being posted by a Host- not the original member that posted it.Spaces_posts_duplicate.png

You will get an email and push notification when the Space has been duplicated successfully.

How to Reorder Spaces

As you create Spaces, you may order and reorder how they appear to members in the left-hand navigation. To reorder them, click into the Collection > Manage > Reorder Spaces

From there, you can drag and drop the Spaces in the order you want them to appear in the Collection.

You can also select the three-dot menu on the Space and move it to the Top or Bottom

For more information on how to manage your Collections, click here.

Manage Space Features

Within each Space, you can add, remove, rename, and reorder any of the features like Table of Contents, Feed, Chat, and more! To learn how to manage them, check out “How Do I Manage the Features in a Space?”

Notify All Space Members When Adding a New Post or Event

As a Space Host, you have the power to send a notification to all members when you're adding a new post, poll, question, article, or event in your Space.

Before you publish a new post, you'll see an option pop-up that prompts you to notify all Space members about your new post. If you select to notify all members about your post, they will get a short email or mobile notification (depending on their individual settings) about your new post, with a prompt to come back and view it.

Note that whoever creates and schedules the post won’t see a notification in their own mobile or email notifications when their post goes live.

Archive a Space

You can also archive a Space so that you and your members can't see it in the left-hand navigation. This could be a good option if you have an older Space where you want to hide the content but not fully delete it.

To archive a Space, go to the three-dot menu for the Space > Archive

Next, it will ask if you want to archive the Space. All posts and interactions will become inaccessible and the Space will only be visible in your Network Settings.

To view the archived Space, go to Network Settings > Navigation > Spaces. The archived Space will be greyed out.

Archived Spaces cannot be deleted. You must unarchive the Space to delete it. To unarchive the Space, navigate to the three-dot menu and select "Unarchive".

You will then choose to unarchive it and everyone who was previously in the Space will regain access, the content will reappear and the Space will return to the left-hand navigation.

  • If the Space is Plan Access, you will need to deactivate any Plans associated with the Space.
  • Collections containing Archived Spaces cannot be deleted (the archived Space must first be moved to another Collection via the Network Settings Spaces list.) You will receive a pop up letting you know you won't be able to delete it.
  • If a Space is part of a Bundle Plan, Hosts will first need to change the Space’s privacy before being able to archive it. As a suggestion, you may want to add another Space to the Plan so that your members are continuing to pay the same price for the same amount of access. 
  • Then you will want to Choose Option 1 to keep subscriptions and then you will be able to archive the Space. 
  • The Auto-join setting is untouched when a Space is archived. If it’s enabled when a Space is archived, new and current members will still be members of that Space, but it will be entirely hidden from them until the Space is restored.

  • When a Space is archived, any notification indicators will be cleared, and won’t return when unarchived.

Activity Indicators

Each Space has activity indicators to help let you and your members know when there is new activity in the Space.

Here are the new indicators and what they mean:

The pulsing circle, which we call a hint, appears on the Auto Join Spaces your member is added to when they first join your Mighty Network, or when you turn on Auto Join for a Space and they are automatically added to it. On the web, the hint will show until it is dismissed (by clicking “Got It”) and on mobile it will disappear on its own.

The number indicates new chat messages.

The bold and half circles indicate other new activity (e.g., new posts and interactions).

If you have seen the content in the Global Feed, the activity indicator won't clear from the Space unless you also view the content inside of the Space it was posted in.

Where is the About Page?

To find the Space about page clicking on the Logo, Name, or Tagline in the Space Header.

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