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How Do Hashtags Work in My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

You can use hashtags in Quick Posts, Chat messages, Articles, comments, Lessons and Sections, Events, and Questions & Polls on web or mobile! Simply start by typing a “#” followed by text, similar to how hashtags work on other platforms. You can also use multiple hashtags to tag the same content!

Hashtags can contain letters, numbers, or the underscore character but they can’t contain other special characters (like “&” or “$” etc…) or extra spaces.

As you’re typing the hashtag, we’ll show you a dropdown to surface existing available hashtags. If you want to create your own, you can keep typing to create a new hashtag.

The color of the hashtag will be the color you choose for the Space branding.

If the member has access to the Space where the content lives, then the hashtag will appear in the dropdown as an option. If the member doesn’t have access to the Space, it will not show as a dropdown option.

After clicking a hashtag, search results will show all content across the Mighty Network that contains that hashtag and will be shown in order of relevance. If tagged content exists within a Space where the member doesn’t have access, the content will not appear in the list.

Members will be able to see hashtagged content that is posted in public Spaces.

You can also get to search results for a hashtag across all Spaces by clicking on search in a Space, clicking the highlighted hashtag, and then at the top of the list of results, de-selecting the Space filter to Search All Spaces.


You won't be able to edit hashtags at this time, but you can delete hashtags from certain pieces of content which will delete the hashtag from the system.

In addition, you can sort the hashtags for Top (most relevant), Newest (most recently published), or Oldest (oldest published).


Hashtag Prompt

On Quick Posts, Articles, and in comments on web, you and your members will see a prompt to add a hashtag (on iOS and Android, this will only display on Quick Posts). There will be a one-time tooltip over the hashtag prompt to let you and your members know that the button is there. Once “Got it” has been selected, the prompt will no longer show.

When pressed, it will add a “#” sign in the text of the Quick Post, comment, or Article where your cursor is. Continue typing and a selection of hashtags will appear as a drop down. If you have highlighted hashtags in the Space, those will also appear in the drop-down.

Here is what it looks like in an Article:

And in a comment:

Highlighted Hashtags

Hosts are now able to highlight up to 100 hashtags inside of every Space, with the first 10 immediately visible in the search menu dropdown, and the rest visible when clicking the “See All” option also in that dropdown.


When searching in a Space, a list of highlighted hashtags will pop up if the Space has highlighted hashtags chosen. It will also appear when someone in the Space begins to type a hashtag.


To highlight a hashtag, first click on the hashtag. It will show you the search results for that hashtag with an option to “Highlight”.


From there you will be able to select which Space you want to highlight the hashtag in.

You can choose one or any number of Spaces in which to highlight the hashtag.

Once a hashtag is highlighted in a Space, it will appear in a dropdown whenever you and your members click into the search bar at the top of that Space.


From there, you can select “See All” and be taken to a full list of the highlighted hashtags in that Space.

Highlighted Hashtag List

To surface a list of highlighted hashtags in a Space, go to the gear icon > Space Features > Highlighted Hashtag List. Once you toggle the feature on, you will be able to rename the feature to anything you’d like (even Topics!).

The feature is available on web and mobile. The feature will appear alongside others within the Space like Chat, Discovery, etc, and when clicked will show a list of all the highlighted hashtags in the Space.

Important note: The Feed feature will also need to be on in the Space.


To manage the list, you can go to the gear icon in the Space > Content Highlights > Highlighted Hashtags. From there, you can drag and drop the order of the list or create a highlighted hashtag.

Suggested Hashtags

This AI feature is available on Community plans and up. You can check it out in Quick Posts, Articles, and more, and it's available to you and your members. These suggestions will appear in Spaces in which there aren’t any Highlighted hashtags. Hashtag suggestions appear with a new sparkle icon.

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