What Permissions Do Space Hosts and Space Moderators Have?

There are a few different roles that members can play inside of each Space.

For each of these options, there can be an unlimited number of people designated in each role.
Here's a breakdown of what the different roles mean:

  • A Space Host controls everything about the Space, but these permissions do not extend beyond the Space.
  • Space moderators have a slightly more limited role.
Available Actions Space Host Space Moderator 
Space Settings    
Edit and manage Space details and features  Yes No
Edit and manage Space highlights (Welcome and Featured sections as well as highlighted hashtags) Yes Yes
Duplicate the Space Yes No
See Space plans Yes No

Go Live in a Space

Yes (Note: Space Host must also be a Network Host) No

Edit and delete posts from Space Host

Yes No

Edit and delete posts from Space moderators

Yes Yes

Edit and delete posts from Space members

Yes Yes

Edit comments

Yes Yes

Edit replies

Yes Yes

Move posts

Yes No

Notify all when posting

Yes Yes

Delete Chat messages

Yes Yes


Edit all Table of Contents: Overview, Sections, Lessons and Quizzes Yes Yes
Edit Page feature content Yes No
Schedule Posts Yes Yes
Edit Events (For Events that use our Zoom integration, you must be the Event Creator in order to edit Event Settings, see here for more details).  Yes  No

General Settings

Access to Network Settings No No



View Space member list 

Yes Yes

See Space member emails

Yes No

Download Space member list

No No

Welcome new members

Yes Yes

Message all members

Yes Yes

Space Invites

Send Space Invites 
Yes Yes
Import contacts (if inviting is set to "all members can invite")
Yes Yes
Invite as a Space Host
Yes No
Invite as a Space moderator
Yes No
Invite as a Space member
Yes Yes

See email addresses for others' invites

Yes No

Resend others' invites

Yes No

Send others' invite reminders

Yes Yes
See list of requests to join private Spaces
Yes Yes
Approve, ignore or deny requests to join private Spaces
Yes Yes
Space Moderation    

Remove a Space member 

Yes Yes

Remove Space moderator

Yes No

Remove Space Host

Yes No

Change Space role

Yes No

Change their own role in a Space

Yes No

Review reported content

Yes Yes

Review reported members

Yes Yes

Receive notifications when content is flagged

Yes No


To make someone a Space Host or Moderator, navigate to Space Members, search for their name, then select More > Change Role > Space Host.

If you don’t have a member list enabled in a Space, you can find the members by going to the gear icon > Space Members > Member List and selecting the three dot menu.

Desktop (2).png

If the Members tab is hidden, you can go to Manage > Space Members > Member List, then select the three dot menu next to their name.

Table of Contents Owner

Inside of a Space with a Table of Contents, you can choose Owners for each Lesson or Section.

To assign someone to be an Owner in the Space, you need to first make them a Space Moderator or Space Host (see above).

Owners have the ability to edit individual Lessons. Then, you can assign them to an individual Lesson. To do this, go to the Lesson you would like to assign to them, select the drop-down arrow, then Choose an Owner or Invite New Owner. You will only be able to Choose Owners who are also Space Host or Space moderators. 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 10.14.26 AM.png

Once they are the Owner of at least one Lesson, the Overview will show them as an Owner.

They will be able to populate the Lesson, make the Lesson visible, and turn comments on or off. If a member comments on a Lesson, only the Space Instructor will receive a notification. Space Hosts that are not Owners for a specific Lesson will not get these notifications.

The Owners of a Section will show as Owners inside of the Lessons that are inside of that Section. If all of the Lessons inside a Section have the same Owner, the Section will only have one Instructor. If the Lessons inside of a Section all have different Owners, all of them will show up as the Owners of that Section.

Updated September 2023

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