How Do I View and Manage My Members?

To see a full list of members in your Mighty Network, navigate to Network Settings > Members > Member List

The top numbers will show you how many current members and how many are referred. 

For Networks that are on the Community Plan and higher, you will see the button 

“See More in Insights” which will take you to the Overview tab in your Mighty Insights. Here you can see detailed information about all the analytics in your Mighty Network- including Contributions, Contributing Members and much more! 

In the upper right corner in the search icon, you will be able to search your member list by name or email.

With this list, you can filter by:


  • Host 
  • Moderator
  • Member 

filter by roles.png

On Community plans and up, you will see the option to filter by Member Categories as well:

updates to member list.png

On the Courses Plan and up, you will see the ability to filter by Tags and Badges.

badges filter member list.png

Inactive will show you members who are the most inactive in your Mighty Network. 

If you’re looking for a great way to reach out to inactive members, you can use Activity Assist. To learn more, check out this article.

Additionally, you can filter by: 

  • Member Name (A to Z)
  • Member Name (Z to A)
  • Role
  • Date Joined (Latest)
  • Date Joined (Earliest)
  • Last Active (Latest)
  • Lact Active (Earliest)

From the Network member list and Space member list, you can also perform bulk actions like sending a message as well as adding and removing Tags and Badges.

bulk action.png

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