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Is There an Easy Way to Welcome New Members to My Mighty Network?
Is There an Easy Way to Welcome New Members to My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

Welcoming all new members daily is the quickest and fastest way to make every new member feel like they are a valuable part of your community.

Each Network Host and Network moderator can instantly welcome all new members in their Mighty Network by navigating to Admin > Members > Member List. The three dot menu in the upper right corner will show the option to "Welcome New Members".

You will see a list of every new member who's joined since the last time you welcomed new members.

After you tap on the button to welcome all new members, those members will receive a quick note from you either via email or push notification, depending on their notification preferences.

Here is what the push notification looks like:


Below is an example of the email notification your members will receive on web:


Customizing the Message

There isn't a way to customize this welcome message at this time but if you would like to be able to, you can do so by using the filters on the member list. Simply filter by Date Joined (Latest)

The list will filter to show you the members that have joined recently. You can see the date they joined in the second to last column.

From there, you can select the members you would like to message. The bulk actions menu in the upper right corner will allow you to send a message to the selected members.

To learn more about bulk actions and messaging, check out this article.

Notifications of New Members for Hosts

Hosts and Moderators of Networks or Spaces receive real-time notifications when members join! Hosts or Moderators can click the notification to see the profiles of the members. When many members are joining at once, the members will be grouped into one notification so as not to overwhelm the notification recipients.

Managing Welcome Messages

Keep in mind that every Host can use this feature to welcome new members, and the count of new members that you see available to welcome will be unique for each Host. The welcome note comes from an individual Host, so it is possible for every Host to welcome new members. If you want to limit the number of welcomes a new member gets, you may want to designate just one Host to welcome new members daily so that your members don't get overwhelmed with notifications!

And if you want to give your new members even more opportunities to learn what your Mighty Network is all about, you can also add a Welcome Section for them to see at the top of the feed right after they join.

Note: Each new member will have a badge that says "New Member" on their profile. The badge will disappear after 7 days.

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