Livestreaming FAQs

Can I Livestream from my Mighty Network?

As a Network Host on any Paid Plan, you can go live in any Space where you’re also a Host. Any member will be able to join your Livestream, if they have access to the Space. You can have up to nine people join onscreen for a livestream (including the Host). To learn more about multiple speakers on a livestream, check out this article. Livestreaming is available on the web, Android, and the iOS app. 

Do I have to create an Event or can I just Go Live?

If you decide to go live inside your Mighty Networks and schedule it as an Event, note that when your Event starts and you see the "Live" indicator pop up next to Events in the left-hand navigation bar, this indicator won't automatically take your Members to the Livestream. Your Members will still need to navigate to the Space where your Livestream will live. They can do this by clicking the link you include in the Event, or by manually visiting the Space Activity Feed.

Are the chats during Livestreams saved?

Yes! You can download the chat if you choose to record the livestream. You can access the chat by going to Network Settings > Livestream Recordings.

The file will download as a TXT file.


Are Livestreams recorded?

Yes, you can select to record them; the replay will be available in your Livestream Recordings.

Can I hide the chat?

Not at this time, but we will be adding this in the future.

What max quality can I expect for Livestreams?

720p. The exact quality your members experience will depend on their available internet bandwidth. For broadcasting, we recommend high-speed internet to maximize Livestream quality (2 Mbps or more is ideal).

How fast does my (or my Members') internet need to be for a good Livestream experience?

For viewing, we use adaptive streaming, which will adjust your video quality based on your available internet bandwidth. For more on bandwidth requirements, you can check out this article from Chime, the platform our Livestreaming feature builds on.

Is Ecamm compatible with livestreaming?

Yes, you can! You will need the Pro Version of Ecamm and you can follow the instructions in this article here.

Can Livestream recordings be downloaded?

Yes, you can go to your Livestream Recordings, click on the 'more' menu in the recording and download it or delete it.

Can I add a thumbnail to a livestream recording?

Once the video uploads, you will have the option to add a thumbnail image for the video in the upper right corner.

If you choose not to upload a thumbnail, then the video will appear as a a black frame with a play button

Why isn't my camera or microphone working in Google Chrome on my computer?

It may be a permissions issue in your browser. Try following these support instructions to get you back on track.

Can multiple Network Hosts Go Live at the same time?

Yes, Network Hosts can go live at the same time in different Spaces.

Are closed captioning and playback speeds available?

Not at this time but we will be adding these features soon. We recommend using the Live Chrome extension for live captioning. You can also embed videos from other services like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

What happens if a Livestream is interrupted due to connectivity issues?

There will be a five minute grace period on the Livestream if the Host’s connection goes down or if the app or browser is accidentally closed.

The livestream will continue if the Host is able to reconnect within 5 minutes. After that, the broadcast will be automatically stopped.

What is the maximum length of a Livestream?

Two hours.

Can non-Network members participate in a Livestream’s chat?

Non-Network members on a Public Mighty Network will be able to see the silent Homepage preview but will need to sign up to participate and view the Livestream.

How do I get more storage and Livestream hours?

You can visit Network Settings > Your Plan > Storage and Usage to add more storage and livestream hours. For more information around livestreaming limits, see this Help Article.

Does my Livestream include noise reduction?

No, the Livestreaming tool does not offer noise reduction capabilities.

Apple operating systems feature automatic noise cancellation. If you're viewing or recording Livestreams using an Apple device, you might experience noise-canceling effects.

Which browsers are recommended for optimal Livestreaming?

We recommend using Chrome and Firefox for the best Livestreaming experience.

Why does the sound quality for live music in my Livestream seem unclear?

Mighty Networks employs WebRTC, an open framework designed for real-time communication.

WebRTC is primarily crafted for real-time peer-to-peer communication such as audio and video conferencing, with a focus on minimizing latency for seamless user experiences. Although it performs exceptionally well for voice and video calls, it might not be optimized for high-quality live music transmission.

While WebRTC can handle music audio, it might not deliver the same level of fidelity as platforms dedicated to streaming music.

Why isn't the background music in my Livestream coming through clearly?

WebRTC is primarily tailored for audio and video conferencing. Its technology is not specialized for transmitting background music or ambient sounds, which means we cannot guarantee that your Livestream will effectively capture background audio.

What video resolutions are supported by Livestreaming?

Mighty Networks Livestreaming supports video resolutions up to 1280x720p at 30 frames per second without simulcast, and up to 15 frames per second with simulcast.

Why are the frames in my Livestream stuttering?

Stuttering in your Livestream frames might occur if external recording equipment is operating at a frame rate higher than 30 frames per second. To ensure smoother Livestreaming, ensure that external recording equipment aligns with the recommended frame rate.

Updated August 2023



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