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How Do I Add Special Effects to My Livestream?
How Do I Add Special Effects to My Livestream?
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A great way to take your Mighty Livestreams to the next level is through the use of third-party software.

Two great options are OBS, which is free, and mmhmm, which starts at $10/month.

Connecting OBS to your Livestream

OBS is a popular (and free!) application, and it works well with Mighty's native Livestreaming feature. For an optimal Livestreaming experience with OBS, we suggest using Google Chrome.

Open the application and allow permissions to your camera and microphone.

You will see a screen like this when you first open the application.


In the "Sources" section click the + icon and choose "Video Capture Device".


Select "Create New" and choose the camera you would like to use.


From there, you can add different scenes which will allow you to create things like text overlays, split screens and more! Visit the OBS help center to learn about all your options.

When you’re ready to start livestreaming select "Start Virtual Camera" in the Controls setting


When you start a Livestream after those steps, you will see your OBS camera as an option in the dropdown menu.


Connecting mmhmm to your Livestream

Another popular option is mmhmm, which is great for those that don’t need the extensive options offered by OBS. It has a fairly simple interface, the ability to easily add virtual backgrounds, and great features like the ability to add Gifs directly from Giphy.

First, you’ll create an account and download the software to your computer.

Open the application and allow permissions to your camera, microphone and install the mmhmm camera. Below is what it looks like on Mac.

Once installed, you can toggle on virtual backgrounds easily or upload your own.

They also have options to add text, images and GIFs.

Starting a Livestream in your Mighty Network will show the mmhmm Camera as an option.

For a walkthrough of both services, be sure to watch the video at the top of this article.

For more information on livestreaming, check out Can I Livestream from My Mighty Network?

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