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How Do I Schedule Events in my Mighty Network?
How Do I Schedule Events in my Mighty Network?
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Once you've upgraded your Mighty Network to The Community Plan or above, you have the opportunity to create Events that can bring your members together. There are several options for hosting virtual Events for your members, including going live in your Mighty Network.

Creating a Live Video, Webinar, Online Meeting, or Text Chat Event Type

First, ensure that the Events feature is enabled in a Space.

Then, use the + button to create an Event and enter any specific details.

Now, select the Event type to signal to members what to expect from the Event. The Event Type appears as a tag on the Event itself when it appears on the Events list and when someone views the full details of the Event.

Selecting Meeting, Webinar, or Live Video will prompt you to add a link to an external service that you want to use for your Event.

To schedule a Livestream in a Space in your Mighty Network, select the Live Video option and paste the URL for the Space Activity Feed as the link. Below is an example from a Livestream in Modern Creator.

Important note: A livestream on Mighty does not produce a call link like Zoom. The link to the Livestream is the Space url. In the Event Link field, you will use the url of the Space where you plan to go Live, and then Members will join the stream from there.

For more details on how to go live, check out this article Can I Livestream from My Mighty Network?

If you're using Crowdcast to host your Live Video Event, for example, you'll want to add the link to your Crowdcast Event here.

Some of our favorite services for hosting Online Meetings, Live Video, or Webinars are:

As soon as you add the link to your Live Video service, our system will add a logo indicating where the Event will be hosted.

How Members Join Your Live Video, Webinar, Online Meeting, or Text Chat

Once the Event is published, members can start RSVP'ing. They just need to click on the Event link, and they will be automatically popped into the Event that you created on an external service.

If it is a livestream, then when they click the link, they be directed to the Space where you're going live.

If it is a Text Chat Event, when a member clicks the Event, they will be able to click Go to Chat. This will automatically bring them to the chat feature in the Space to begin messaging message all members.

Posting a Recap of Your Live Video Event or Online Meeting

If not everyone in your Mighty Network is able to attend your Event, there are a few ways that you can share a full recap with everyone after your Event is over.

Some services (like Crowdcast and YouTube Live) allow members to revisit the same link at a later time to watch a replay of the Event. If the service that you're using also allows you to download the full video stream that was shared as an .mp4 or similar video file, you can then re-upload the video to the service of your choice (we personally use YouTube and Vimeo most often) and embed the saved video into an Article or the Event listing in your Mighty Network. Here's the full list of video embeds we support today and how to add them.

Special Instructions for Hosting Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Vimeo Livestreaming Events

You can also use Vimeo Livestreaming, YouTube Live, or Facebook Live to host your Event.

Since we currently support directly embedding Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook video links directly into Articles, Events, and Course materials in your Mighty Network, this means that you can embed your *live* broadcast video happening on one of those platforms into the Event you created or any other Article in your network. (Right now we only support directly embedding Facebook Live videos that are happening from a public Facebook page.)

When you embed a live video that's streaming on one of those platforms into an Article or Event in your Mighty Network, members can watch the video right within that post in your community without having to go anywhere else.

For step-by-step instructions on livestreaming inside your Mighty Network from Vimeo, click here.

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