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Can I Duplicate a Space?
Updated over a week ago


To duplicate a Space, hover over it on the left navigation and click on the three-dot menu > Manage > Duplicate.

You will be presented with information about how the Space will duplicate:

Space Settings: All Space Details will be duplicated (eg: Branding, taglines, etc.) except for its privacy settings and name. The duplicate Space will be set to Secret and renamed "[Copy] Home". This means that any Plans created with the Space will not be duplicated.

Feed: All Feed display settings will be copied. You’ll get to choose what happens to posts in the next step.

Table of Contents: The Overview and all Lessons and Sections will be duplicated and set to hidden. All comments and cheers will not be moved over.

Members: All Hosts and Moderators will be automatically added to the new space, but members will not be.

Page: All page settings including content will be duplicated, but comments and cheers will not.

Events: All feature settings will be copied. You’ll get to choose which events get copied in the next step. Any copied events will become drafts.

Chat: All chat settings will be copied, but chat messages will not.

Discovery: All discovery settings will be copied, but the featured and welcome sections may be missing content that didn't duplicate, depending on the choices you make in the next step.

On the next page, you’ll decide how to handle posts in your duplicated Space. This includes Quick Posts, Polls and Questions, Articles, and Events.

You can choose not to duplicate any posts, duplicate all Host and Moderator posts, or duplicate all posts.

Regardless of your choice, all comments, cheers, event RSVPs, poll answers, drafts, and scheduled posts will NOT be duplicated.

After you’ve made your choices, you’ll see an indicator letting you know that the Space is duplicating.

When it has finished, you’ll receive a push notification and an email letting you know that the Space has successfully been duplicated.

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