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What are Spaces and Collections?
What Kinds of Spaces Can I Have on My Mighty Network?
What Kinds of Spaces Can I Have on My Mighty Network?
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The sky’s the limit!

With Spaces, you can mix-and-match feature sets in each Space using the tabs, and rename and reorganize almost everything.

That opens up brand new, novel, and exciting use cases that are only possible with cultural software, like…

… a Space that’s just a single Event (Business Plan and up)

….a Resource Library paired with a discussion Chat (Courses Plan and up)

…a Meetups Space that has Events and a Feed for recaps

…a Virtual Conference with Chat, a Feed, and Event Series tabs

…a Page tab that welcomes and onboards new members

... a Space for each community or group, for when you have multiple communities within your Mighty Network

We have templates that can get you started, but the beauty of a Space is that you can start with a single tab like a Chat or a Feed and go from there, adding and removing whatever you like.

You can also rename everything—both the Spaces themselves and the tabs.

So if you’d like to run learning experiences and call some of them Courses, some of them Workshops, and some of them Masterminds—they can all live happily in the left-hand navigation, easily discovered by your members and prospects.

The left navigation panel can display up to 200 Spaces. It first shows promoted Spaces that are not Secret and promoted Spaces you have already joined. If there is still room available, it will then display the Spaces you've visited most recently. You can find Spaces beyond the first 200 in the Collections list.

To learn more about how to manage features in a Space, check out “How Do I Manage the Features in a Space?

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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