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How Do I Create Events in a Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

If your Host has enabled the option for members to add events to your Mighty Network, there are four different event types to choose from local events, live chats, live video events, and online meetings.

Generally, live video events and online meetings function in the same way—for both of these event types, you'll need to add an external link to where your live video stream or online meeting will take place. We love using Facebook Live, Crowdcast, and Zoom for these types of events.

To create a new event on the web, click on the "+" icon and select "Event."

The event form gives you the same formatting options as an Article, so that you can add rich text, images, embedded videos (including videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, or Facebook Live videos happening on your public Facebook page), embedded audio from SoundCloud, or file attachments like PDFs.

Once you choose your type of event, you can update the time, date, and time zone. Time zone is important because it eliminates potential confusion for members who aren't in your same time zone. You also have the option to add an external link to your event if it's also listed on Facebook or Eventbrite, for example.

Once you've set up an event, you can share it and folks can RSVP. As the organizer of the event, you can also message groups of members based on their replies when you're on the web by clicking on the number for "Going", "Maybe", and "Not Going" and choosing the option to Message All Attendees.

When other members see your published event, they will have the option to RSVP, export the event to their calendar, and add comments.

All members who have RSVP'd "Going" or "Maybe" will receive an event reminder notification 24 hours before a local event. If they RSVP'd "Going" or "Maybe" to a live chat event, an online meeting, or a live video event, they will receive an event reminder notification 10 minutes before it's planned to start.

If, for any reason, you want to cap the number of people who can RSVP to a particular event or disable RSVPs, you can always choose to switch off RSVPs when you're creating or editing an event. This means that the option to RSVP will no longer be visible to any members.

When you add an event, it's public to all members of your network or to members of the Space you are in. Right now, there isn't a way to hold a private event that is visible only to invited members (unless you're creating the event within a private Space). Nor is there a way yet to limit RSVPs or attendees to a certain number of people. However, events that exist within a group are only available to members of that group.

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