How Do I Create Images And Thumbnails for Events in My Mighty Network?

Each time you create or edit an Event in your Mighty Network, you have the option to add a Header Image or Video and a Thumbnail Image.

Customizing the imagery for your Events will allow you to create dynamic, beautiful Events.

Add a Custom Header Image or Video

When you add a Header Image or Video to your Events, it will display like this at the very top, just behind the Event details and RSVP options:


Here's what the Event Settings will look like when you're prompted to add the Header Image:


And here's what the Event Settings will look like when you're prompted to add a Header Video:


Note that in some cases, the bottom 1/4 of the image or video you upload will be covered by Event information such as date and time, so we also recommend excluding any detailed text or branding along the bottom of the Header Image.

Add a Custom Thumbnail Image

Additionally, you'll see an option for adding a custom Thumbnail Image for each Event that will override the cropped version of the Header Image or Video that we display by default.

The Thumbnail Image will appear when Events are displayed in list form, like so:


Here's what your Event Settings will look like when you expand to open up the option to add a custom Thumbnail Image:


When you create custom Thumbnail Images for each of your Events, we recommend using square images that have a 1:1 aspect ratio. At a minimum, they should be 280x280 pixels.

And don't forget that you can also add unlimited images, media embeds, file attachments, formatted text, and more into the Description field for your Event—just like any Article you create in your Mighty Network!

Updated January 2023

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