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What Do Member Profiles Include in My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

When a new member joins your Mighty Network, they create a personal profile that includes these fields:

  • Custom header image

    • Ideal image size: 1920 x 1080 pixels

  • Profile photo

    • Ideal image size: 500 x 500 pixels, will be cropped into a circle

  • Mini bio, or a headline

  • Longer introduction

  • Location (if you've enabled location features)

  • Spaces they are a member of (other members will not be able to see secret Spaces listed)

  • Events they have RSVP'd to

  • Personal links to social media accounts or external websites

  • Who they were referred by

  • Who they have referred

This is what a blank member profile looks like:


If you want to give your members an assist in filling out their profile, check out our feature Profile Assist! It asks your members some questions and then generates a profile based on their responses.

Profile Assistant.gif

This is what a member profile looks like filled out:

Member profile .png

If you select “See Activity” you will be able to view all the activity from the member to see what posts they have created and ones that they have interacted with.

If you choose to follow a member, that will trigger more of that person's activity to show up in your feed. You will also get notified whenever that person posts something new.

“Chat” will open a private chat with that member.

Members can also add up to 10 personal links under their profile. When they add their social media profiles the platform name and icon will be pulled in. If they add additional links, like one to a specific YouTube video, the video title will be pulled in. They can also add links to their personal website or blog.

Personal links will display like this:

personal links profile.png

A couple of things to note:

  • X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram are strict about what we can pull in, so they’ll only see “Twitter” and “Instagram,” even if linking to multiple profiles or posts.

  • If Facebook links are to private profiles or groups, it will also pull up “Facebook” as the description.

A member profile will also include events that the member has RSVP'd to,

When a new member fills out their profile, it will produce an Introduction post. These posts will live in the Global Feed, if this is something that you have enabled. To learn more on how to manage these posts, check out this article.

Intro posts.png

It's important to note that every Mighty Network is standalone, which means that your members will need to set up a separate profile and login for every Mighty Network that they’re a part of (although they *can* feel free to use the same login information for each!).

We make it easy to switch between communities in the Mighty Networks apps once you log in the first time, and from that point on it should be quick to switch between communities without needing to log in again.

On the web, the same goes—once you're logged in, you can just go to the URL in your web browser for the Mighty Network you want to visit and it should be easy to hop back in.

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