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How Do I Track Member Completion and Progress?
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When you're creating or managing Lessons within a Table of Contents feature, you'll see unlocking and completion settings available for each Lesson.

To edit or change the unlocking or completion features for a particular Lesson, just go to Manage Lesson Settings for that Lesson:


To change the Unlock Settings for multiple Lessons at once, hover your cursor over a Lesson and tick the box to the left. You'll then see the option to select multiple Lessons or Select All.

Note: If Overviews are selected, you won't have the option to bulk-change Unlock Settings (these apply to Lessons only).

Once you've selected the Lessons you'd like to update, you can choose 'Make Visible', 'Make Hidden', 'Unlock Settings', 'Edit Thumbnail', 'Turn Preview On', 'Turn Preview Off', 'Delete':

Bulk changes!.png

Unlocking Features for Lessons

These are all of the unlocking features available with our Table of Contents feature currently:


None - The Lesson will be unlocked as soon as the member begins.

Sequential - The Lesson will unlock immediately after the previous Lesson is completed by the member. It will vary from member to member as this is a per-user experience.

Timed - The Lesson will be automatically available a specific number of days after someone joins the Space. It will unlock at the exact time the member joined the Space (ie: if the member joined the Space 12 pm, then the lesson will unlock after the set amount of days has passed at 12 pm). The member will be notified when new material becomes unlocked for them. This feature is dependent on when the member joins. If a new Lesson/Section is added after a member has joined, the timer will commence based on the join date of the member. For example, if a member joins a Space on the 2nd, and the Host adds content on the 4th that is set to unlock after 2 days, it will become accessible to the member on the 4th, rather than on the 6th. If a member leaves a Space and rejoins, the timer will still apply to the first time they joined the Space. When you use the bulk-select feature to apply the Timed Unlock setting, all selected lessons will unlock simultaneously. To have lessons unlock in sequence (for example, Lesson One on day seven, Lesson Two on day fourteen, Lesson Three on day twenty-one), set the Timed Unlock for each lesson individually.

Scheduled - The Lesson will unlock on a specific date and time:


Note: Any unlocking changes will apply to both existing members and new members who've joined after the change.

What Does A Locked Lesson Look Like for Members?

When a Table of Contents is set to Thumbnail View, Lesson thumbnails appear greyed out to members until the Lesson unlocks:

Unlocking lessons.png

A completed Lesson appears greyed out with a green check mark for members.

The next Lesson to begin will show a full-color thumbnail and a green, unticked box.

When a Table of Contents is set to Simple View, locked Lessons appear with a lock icon and are greyed out for members until the Lesson unlocks:

Simple view unlocking rules.png

Unlock Notification

For Scheduled and Timed Unlock, you have the option of whether or not you would like to notify your members that new material is available. By default, the Unlock Notification toggle is set to notify.

  • When the toggle is ON the members of the Space will receive a notification when that Lesson/Section is unlocked

  • When the toggle is OFF the members of the Space will not receive a notification when that Lesson/Section is unlocked

The toggle will be greyed out for all other unlocking options.


Reset Progress

If you would like your members to be able to reset their progress, you can toggle on this by going to the gear icon in the Space > Features > Table of Contents > Reset Progress. The feature is off by default.

Reset TOC toggle.jpg

When this is toggled on, members will be able to select the three dot menu in the “Next Up” card to “Reset Progress”. This option will show on web and mobile.

Reset TOC2.png

A modal will pop up asking them if they want to reset their progress. As a note, they will lose their current Course Material progress and Quiz attempts. Previously locked content may become locked again.

Reset TOC 3.png

Once a member resets their progress, you won't be able to see previous progress in Lessons. You will be able to see previous Quiz attempts via the CSV download.

Please note, the Table of Contents' Progress is retained if a removed member rejoins the same Space that contains the Table of Contents with the same login information

Understanding the "Next Up" Section

The "Next Up" section in some Table of Contents Spaces is designed to guide members through their learning journey by suggesting the next steps. Whether this section appears depends on specific settings:

  1. Progress Tracking Enabled: The Lessons must have progress tracking settings activated (completion and unlocking).

  2. Network Role: This feature is visible to members and won't be visible to Space Hosts.

Completion Tracking Features for Lessons

These are the completion tracking features available today for Lessons:

Visited Completion - A member must visit this Lesson to complete it.

Button Completion - A member must click the “Mark as Complete” button at the bottom of the Lesson to complete it.

Note: If you have the unlocking option set to "None" members won't be required to click "Mark as Complete" in order to move to the next Lesson. If you would like it to be required, you will need to use the "Sequential" unlocking option.

Video Completion - Students must finish watching the entire tracked video in the Lesson in order for the Lesson to count as complete. You can either add MP4 videos directly or embed a video from YouTube. Loom, Vimeo, and Wistia cannot be tracked. You can only have one tracked video per Lesson, but you can choose which video you want to track by selecting the timer icon in the upper right corner.

When you pause a video and return to the Lesson, the video will start where you left off. Important: Video tracking must be turned on for this to work.


Resetting a member's progress in completed Lessons within the Table of Contents cannot be done on their behalf. Members must reset their own progress, and this is only possible if the "Reset Progress" option is enabled.

Note: Any changes made to the completion settings for a Section, Lesson, or Quiz will be immediately applied to member accounts. If you edit a Lesson to include a new video and enable tracking for video completion, the progress for members who have already completed the Lesson will remain unaffected.

Completion Automation

You can also apply a Tag or Badge on completion of a Lesson by selecting the "+" icon and adding Tags and Badges to the Completion Automation section. These Tags and Badges will only apply to those that complete the Lesson moving forward and not retroactively.

Once a Badge is applied at the end of the Lesson, the member will receive a notification.

Measuring Completion Rates for Members

If you have completion tracking turned on in your Mighty Network, you can see at-a-glance the completion rate (as a percentage) for each member of your Space by going to Space Settings > Members > Member List.

From here, you can sort by completion rate and see the last Lesson or Quiz viewed, as well as the last Lesson or Quiz completed.

Completion tracking data (including % complete, last Lesson viewed, and last Lesson completed) is also available in the downloadable Space member list. You will also be able to see that at-a-glance completion data in the Members feature if turned on in a Space.

Updated August 2023

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