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How Do I Make a Habit Tracker for My Members?
How Do I Make a Habit Tracker for My Members?
Updated over a week ago

Checking items off a list can be a huge motivator.

It makes your members feel good by giving them that little dopamine boost that comes from completing a task.

It’s easy to set up a task checklist using Table of Contents (available on the Courses Plan and up).

Here’s how to set it up!

Create a new Space and use the Content-Only Course Template. This will create a Space that has only the Table of Contents and Members features enabled.

Create a name for your Space like “Daily Wellness Tasks” and be sure to use our Instant Course Outline to help you with brainstorming the daily tasks to include.

After you've created your habit tracker, then you'll want to make sure members can reset their progress. This way, they can go through your checklist daily, weekly, quarterly, or during whichever timeframe they see fit.

Within Space Settings > scroll to the "Space Features" heading > click "Table of Contents" > scroll to the bottom and toggle on "Reset Progress".

Once you’re all set, head back to the Space’s privacy setting and choose either public, private, secret or plan access.

For these types of Spaces, we suggest setting it to public and enabling Auto Join which will automatically join everyone from your Mighty Network into the Space.

This way, everyone can join in on the fun!

Want to create even more engagement? You can turn on the Chat or Feed feature in the Space so members have a way to communicate about their progress or give each other tips and tricks.

To enable more features, head to your Space settings > Space Features.

Looking for some habit tracker ideas?

  • Daily Exercise: Whether it's a walk, jog, yoga, or hitting the gym, tracking daily exercise can help maintain consistency.

  • Meditation: Set a goal for daily meditation sessions to improve mindfulness and reduce stress.

  • Healthy Eating: Track daily intake of fruits, vegetables, water consumption, or adherence to a specific diet plan.

  • Reading: Set a goal for daily reading time to cultivate a reading habit and expand knowledge.

  • Gratitude Journaling: Keep track of things you're grateful for each day to promote positivity and perspective.

  • Sleep Tracking: Monitor bedtime routines and sleep duration to ensure sufficient rest each night.

  • Language Learning: Dedicate time each day to practicing a new language or improving language skills.

  • Productivity: Track daily tasks completed or time spent on productive activities to boost efficiency.

  • Hygiene: Monitor habits like flossing, skincare routines, or keeping a tidy living space.

  • Financial Tracking: Keep tabs on daily spending habits or savings contributions to improve financial management.

  • Creative Expression: Dedicate time each day to engage in a creative activity such as writing, drawing, or playing music.

  • Social Connection: Make an effort to reach out to friends or family each day, either through calls, messages, or in-person interactions.

  • Mindfulness: Track daily moments of mindfulness or deep breathing exercises to reduce stress and increase awareness.

  • Limiting Screen Time: Monitor daily screen time usage to encourage breaks and reduce dependence on digital devices.

  • Self-Reflection: Set aside time each day for self-reflection or journaling to promote personal growth and introspection.

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