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Can I Upload Video Directly to the Table of Contents in My Mighty Network?
Can I Upload Video Directly to the Table of Contents in My Mighty Network?
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Within your Table of Contents, you can add many different content types. You can add multiple images, videos and media, and file attachments within each Lesson, Section, and your Overview.

Creating Video Content

Space Hosts and moderators can upload video directly to the Overview, Sections, and Lessons, which will play right in your Mighty Network. They will have a limit of 25mb unless they are also Network Hosts of your Mighty Network. Also note that only Space Hosts and moderators are able to delete videos that have been uploaded.

The ability to upload videos is currently available on the web only. Once they’re uploaded, your members will be able to experience your videos seamlessly across the web and mobile apps.

Here’s how to upload a video directly. When you’re in the Overview, Section, or Lesson, click the “+” to pull up the quick insert toolbar and you’ll see a new icon that says “Photo, Video, File” when you mouse over it. Click the icon to upload your video file.


Select a video file. You’ll see a progress bar as it uploads, and then it will be greyed out as it is processing.


Your video is ready! You can change the preview thumbnail, select video tracking, and save it.


Video Tracking

Video Tracking gives you the option to require all members to watch the entire video before moving on to the next Lesson. More about this and other completion features here.

Here are a few other things to know:

  • The max upload size per video is 4GB - if you are a Network Host. It's 25mb if you are Space Host or Space moderator.

  • There isn’t a way to download video from your Table of Contents.

  • A wide range of file types are supported, including .mp4, .mov, and .m4v

  • You can’t save or close the content while the video is uploading. However, you can save it while the video is processing and navigate to another part of your Mighty Network. You’ll receive a notice when processing is complete.

  • You still have the option to embed video from other platforms if you want. If you’ve previously embedded videos, you can choose to remove them and upload those natively. But you don’t need to take any action.

  • Members must watch the entire tracked video to unlock the next resource.

  • You can adjust the playback speed inside of Lessons either with natively uploaded videos or with YouTube embeds on web and mobile web.

  • When you pause a video and return to the Lesson, the video will start where you left off. Important: Video tracking must be turned on for this to work.


Here is a list of the file types we support (File Type :: Extensions):

  • video/mp4 :: mp4, mpg4, f4v, f4p, mp4v

  • video/webm :: webm ​

  • video/avi :: avi ​

  • video/ogg :: ogg, ogv

  • application/ogg :: ogx

  • video/mpeg :: mp2, mp3g, mpe, mpeg, mpg, m1v, m2v ​

  • video/3gpp :: 3gp, 3gpp

  • video/x-ms-asf :: asf, asx

  • video/x-ms-wmv :: wmv

  • video/quicktime :: qt, mov

  • video/mp2t :: ts, mts, m2ts, cpi, clpi, mpl, mpls, bdm

  • video/x-flv :: flv

  • video/x-matroska :: mk3d, mks, mkv

  • application/mxf :: mxf

You can also upload videos into Articles and Quick Posts. Check out How to Upload and Embed Videos, Audio Files, Rich Media and More.

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