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Can I Charge for Events on a Mighty Network?
Can I Charge for Events on a Mighty Network?
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First you need to create a Space and then enable the single event feature inside of the Space. You would then make the Space plan access and members would pay to access the Space and attend the Event.

Note: You will still need to edit and customize the Plan’s landing page separately from the Event listing itself. Members will need to still RSVP to receive event notifications.

Once it’s over, you can delete the Space entirely or make it secret and post a recap/replay in there for members to rewatch.


Alternatively, you can use platforms, like an Eventbrite (or another event platform) URL in the ‘Meeting Link’ section for the Event.

Members can RSVP and add the Event to their calendar directly from your Mighty Network but will pay and get the Event link from your external payment platform.

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