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How Do I Set the Privacy Settings for a Space?
How Do I Set the Privacy Settings for a Space?
Updated over a week ago

It’s easy!

When you create a new Space you can make it public, private, secret, or plan access.

If you want to update the privacy settings on a Space, you can do so anytime by going to your Space and clicking on the gear icon > Setup > Privacy & Access.


If it’s a public Space, the invite will show the content of the Space and then the member will have the option to “Join Us” at the top. If a member clicks to contribute to a Space (cheer, comment, etc...) a pop-up will prompt them to join it.

Auto Join Spaces

If you have public Spaces, you can choose to auto-join members to those Spaces by selecting "Auto Join". This will automatically add all current and future members of your Mighty Network to this Space. Members can leave a Space at any time.

Note: You will need to also be a Network Host of the Mighty Network in order to see this option.


If it’s a private Space, it will prompt the member to request access to join:


If it’s a secret Space, the Space will be shown to the member after they accept the invite to it.

Plan Access

If it’s a plan access Space, the member will see the plan page for the Space:

To learn more about these options check out this article.

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