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How Do I Create a Text Chat Event?
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Once you've upgraded your Mighty Network to The Community Plan or above, you have the opportunity to create Events that can bring your members together in real-time. There are several options available for hosting virtual Events for your members, including the ability to schedule Zoom meetings or webinars right within your Mighty Network

This article covers an additional option called a Text Chat Event. While a Text Chat Event doesn't have video or audio, it's a fun way to chat back and forth with members in your Space. Members can chat in real-time, and share images, rich links, video links, and emojis. When you are running a Text Chat Event, it will open the chat feature inside of the Space on the web or within the iOS and Android apps.

Creating a Text Chat Event

To create a Text Chat Event, first, make sure that Events have been enabled following the instructions here.

Then, use the + button to create an Event and set up the specific details you want to customize for this Event (title, date and time, if you want it to be a Repeating Event, etc.).

Under Event Type, make sure "Online" is selected, and then you'll see an option in the dropdown menu for selecting a Text Chat.

Once you've finished creating and posting your Event, the link will take members to the chat feature in the Space where the Event takes place will be available right on the Event post, so that members can click or tap to join as soon as the Event begins.

When it's time for a Text Chat Event to start, members who have RSVP'd "yes" or "maybe" will receive an Event reminder notification 10 minutes before it begins.

How to turn on the Chat feature

When it's time for your Text Chat Event to start, you'll want to first make sure that the chat feature is enabled in the Space where your Event is taking place.

To turn on the chat feature, you will want to go to the gear icon > Features > Chat.

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