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How Do Members Join My Mighty Network?
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Depending on the privacy settings you've enabled for your Mighty Network, there are a few different ways that new members can join.

If your Mighty Network is set to be public, for example, anyone who finds and visits your network can join easily in just a few steps. If your Mighty Network is private, they can either request to join or be sent an invitation. If your Mighty is set to secret, members can only join via an invitation. If your Mighty Network is set to plan access, members can join by paying a subscription to your Mighty Network.

No matter what your privacy settings are, all members are required to sign up and join your Mighty Network by using either the options they see to log in using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple, or by entering their first name, last name, and email address, then setting up a password they can use going forward to log in.

Note on signing in with Google: If your member previously created an account in your Mighty Network with an email address and password, they will be able to use the Google Sign In option going forward as long as the Google email address/account they are using matches the email address they signed up with originally.

If your member needs assistance resetting their password or adding a password, check out this article: Why Can't I Log In to My Mighty Network?

Notifications That Members Receive After They Join

As soon as a member joins your Mighty Network, they are sent a brief welcome email that's automatically generated from our system and branded with your logo and custom theme.

The email includes a short description of your community (that you can edit in your General Settings), along with a prompt to come back and start contributing.

Here's an example of what this email notification looks like. This example is from our own community, Mighty Community:

While it's not possible today to further customize this email as a Host, you can use our ConvertKit Integration to send your new member a personalized welcome email.

Also, you can try our Zapier Integration to trigger a custom email welcome series that's more branded and personalized. For example, we love using Zapier to integrate with Mailchimp so that whenever someone new joins, they get sent a personalized welcome email as well that's triggered through that external email service.

Members can adjust their personal notification settings anytime, here are the instructions for how to do so.

How to Welcome New Members as a Host

As a Host of your own Mighty Network, you also have the opportunity to personally welcome all new members who join.

Hosts and Moderators of Networks and Spaces receive real-time notifications when members join! Hosts or Moderators can click the notification to see the members' profiles. When many members are joining at once, the members will be grouped into one notification so as not to overwhelm the notification recipients.

If Members Are Joining More Than One Mighty Network

One thing to keep in mind if you (or your members) are joining more than one Mighty Network is that every Mighty Network is standalone, which means that you can customize your profile to be unique to each community you are a part of. This also means that you do need to set up a separate profile and login for every Mighty Network that you’re a part of (although you can feel free to use the same login information for each!).

We make it easy to switch between networks in the Mighty Networks apps once you log in the first time, and from that point on it should be quick to switch between communities without needing to log in again.

On the web, the same goes—once you're logged in, you can just go to the URL in your web browser for the Mighty Network you want to visit and it should be easy to hop back in.

For our full set of Help Center articles designed specifically for members who might have questions about logging in or updating their settings, just go here.

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