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What's the Daily Digest My Members Get from My Mighty Network?
What's the Daily Digest My Members Get from My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

The Daily Digest is an email digest sent to members every day at 5:00 PM their local time that includes a summary of their unread notifications.

After some extensive testing we’ve found that this digest is the best way to notify your members about all the great stuff happening in your Mighty Network, so they keep coming back in to check it all out.

That’s why it’s enabled by default for all new members. They can easily manage this setting directly by going to Personal Settings > Notifications.


The Daily Digest can include a combination of the following notification types, depending on what your member is interested in and the Spaces they’re a member of:

  • New Posts & Activity: New content, comments, @Mentions, and one-on-one Private Chat messages, plus Event and Poll-related updates

  • New Course Content

  • Welcome Invites to Mighty Network, Spaces

  • When you choose to Notify All Members

  • New Members joined: Members with a similar Member Category or who are near them

  • Ambassador Program Updates: Referred Members joined, new Ambassador level reached

If your member clicks on an in-app notification, it will be considered read and not appear in the Daily Digest.

The following notifications bypass the Daily Digest setting and are sent in real-time:

  • Message all members from Hosts

  • Your Host just went Live

  • Event Reminders

  • Welcome Checklist Reminder

Here is an example of what a Daily Digest email looks like:


If there are no notifications for your Mighty Network, a daily digest is not sent out.

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