How Much Can I Charge for Spaces and Memberships on Mighty Networks?

We support high-ticket, premium Spaces, and memberships! 

You can charge up to $10,000 USD on the web, or up to $999 on iOS for Spaces and memberships. 

If you want to charge over $10,000 USD on the web, or over $999 on iOS, you can use an external payment system or reach out to our team in Host Help.

The $999 cap for iOS is set by Apple, so we allow you to break out web pricing from iOS pricing. You can also choose to only offer your high-ticket programs and Spaces that are over $999 on web, to keep your pricing consistent. 

If you’ve chosen to sell plans in multiple currencies you’ll need to add a price for each currency available in your Mighty Network. So you can offer a plan for $5,000 USD and the same plan for $4,900 EUR and $7,200 AUD. Right now, the system doesn’t automatically do the currency conversion for you. 

Before you get started with setting up your first Plans, we recommend reviewing this helpful guide to structuring payments in your Mighty Network, so you have a solid plan for how you want to organize premium offerings for your members.

And you can find the full set of documentation around all things payments right here!

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