How Can I Review Reported Content or Members in My Mighty Network?

Network Hosts have a Moderation section under Network Settings > Moderation that will list both Reported Members and Reported Content. 


In the Reported Members list, Hosts are able to see the members that were reported.

Below are the options presented to members when going through the process of reporting members.


Here is what it will look like when a report has been submitted by a member.


You can "View Reports" or "Clear Reports" by clicking the three-dot menu next to the member's name. Clicking "View Report" will show the reasons why this member is being reported.


From there, you can take action to either Remove or Ban the member.

Content that is reported by two or more members is automatically hidden from your Mighty Network. As a Network and/or Space Host, you can review and take action on all reported content.

There are separate Reported Content Lists for the main Network and each Space. You can navigate to the list by clicking on the email or in-app notification they receive when content is flagged.

You can also navigate to Network Settings > Moderation > Reported Content and click on Manage. The Reported Content List can be accessed on the web and from mobile apps.

When content is reported by two or more members, it is automatically hidden everywhere in the Network for all Hosts and members except for the creator of the content who still sees it so they don’t realize it has been hidden. Hidden content appears with an icon when viewed on the Reported Content list.

Content reported by only one member remains visible in the Network but appears on the Reported Content list.
Reported content created by Hosts remains visible no matter how many times it is reported but appears on the Reported Content list.

Hosts can take action on the reported content directly from the list, or they can click to view the content in full and take action. As a Host, you can:

  • Delete the content
  • View details on who reported the content and the reason
  • Clear the reports on the content so that the content is no longer hidden and the count resets to zero
  • Remove the creator of the content from the Space
  • Remove the creator of the content from the Network
If Hosts take no action on hidden content then it remains hidden. If they take no action on content that has been reported only once then it remains visible unless it is reported a second time and becomes hidden.


Additional Moderation Tools

Hosts can:

Members can:

Updated April 2023

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