How Can I Bundle Spaces and Memberships Together?

Our Plans feature lets you charge for Spaces within your Mighty Network, access to your Mighty Network, or you can create bundle plan.

How to Create a Bundle Plan

To create a Bundle Plan, go to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans.

It's important to note that if you want to sell a bundle to people who are not yet members of your Mighty Network, you'll need to include Network access in any External Bundle Plan, described below. At this time, there is an upper limit of 100 Spaces you can add to any bundle plan.

On the Create a Plan page, you'll be prompted to select what you want to sell.

You can sell two different types of bundles:

  • An External Bundle Plan includes Network Membership (access to your overall Mighty Network for a non-member) bundled together with access to one or more Spaces that exist within your Mighty Network.

Here is how you will set that up, with Network membership Included:

  • An Internal Bundle Plan grants access to two or more Spaces within your Mighty Network that you want to sell to existing members (anyone who already has a Network Membership).

Here is how you will set that up, with Network membership Excluded:

One thing to keep in mind is that when you're targeting an External Audience (non-members of your Mighty Network) with a Bundle Plan that you're creating, including a Network Membership is required. This means that you can *only* sell an External Bundle Plan to this audience.

Once you've determined what you want to sell, you'll be prompted to create your plan and customize each element, from how much you want to charge to how you describe the plan to a new member.

Here's the full flow of creating a Plan:



Customize Your Bundle Plan

Each time you create a new plan, you'll see several fields that need to be filled out. Once you select exactly which Spaces(s) you want to sell (and if you want to bundle Network Membership into the Plan), you need to choose a pricing type, select the price you want to sell this plan for, and fill out some descriptive information so that your members have a clear idea of what they are about to purchase.

For a full tutorial on creating a Plan, check out How Do I Set Up Plans and Charge on Mighty Networks?

Connecting to Stripe

To make sure you get paid, we process all payments through Stripe, a secure third-party payment processor. You'll need to create a Stripe account for each Mighty Network you set up. Here's more information about how to connect Stripe to your Mighty Network.


Submit Your Bundle Plan

Once you've filled out the steps above, you'll see a preview of how your new Plan will look to your members. Then, it's time to submit your new Plan.


As soon as you submit your new Plan, it will immediately be approved to sell on Web and via our Mighty Networks Android app. You can choose to keep this plan Hidden and only invite members to purchase via a Share Link on the Web, or you can make it Visible so that anyone can purchase.


For your plan to be sold as an iOS in-app purchase within the Mighty Networks iOS app, Apple has a separate review process that typically takes 7-10 days. Once your plan is approved by Apple, you will receive an email notification. As Apple approval timelines vary widely, we encourage you to start selling on Web and Android as soon as you're ready!


To see more about how members purchase Plans and what Plans on iOS will look like before they are approved, check out this article.


Making a Plan Visible Once It Is Approved

By default, all new plans are marked as Hidden as soon as they are approved. Before your new plan can be available for purchase to members on the Web, iOS app, and Android app, you need to make it Visible.


To make a plan Visible, just go to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans. This is also where you'll see a full list of all plans you've created with options to manage your plans.

  • A Hidden Plan is not available for anyone to purchase unless they have been invited to purchase it via a special Share Link.

  • A Visible Plan is available for people to purchase. Non-members will be able to purchase plans that you create for an External Audiences (meaning the plan includes a Network Membership) from your Mighty Network's landing page as soon as your plan is visible. This applies to internal plans as well. Once visible, all members of your Mighty Network can see and purchase this plan.

From there, you're all set! Your new plan is available for purchase and you can start charging for your Mighty Network.


You Can Add New Spaces to an Existing Bundle Plan

Here's one more nice feature of Bundle Plans. You can add new Spaces to any Bundle Plan after it's been approved and is live. You do not need to go through the approval process a second time.

This means that you can add new Spaces as a bonus to your flagship Bundle Plan and members of that Plan will automatically get access to these new features.

To add Spaces to a Plan, click into the Plan and select the three dot menu in the upper right corner. Click "Add to this Plan" and you will be prompted to select other Spaces to add to it.


If you add Spaces to a Bundle, current and future Members of the Bundle will automatically get access to the Spaces that have been added and will receive a notification. You can choose to customize the message Plan members receive when a new Space is added:



How Your Bundle Plan Appears to Members

When a member goes to purchase your new Bundle Plan, they see a page with all the details about why they should purchase this plan. The Spaces in the bundle plan will appear alphabetically after the plan is created.



If you have bundled Spaces inside of a Collection, your members will see the plan at the top of the Collection page.


Updated February 2024

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