How Can I Easily Re Engage My Members?

On Community Plans and up, you can easily reengage members using one of our Mighty Co-Host™ features, Activity Assist. To enable this feature, go to Network Settings > Mighty Co-Host™

New Co-Host.png

After you toggle the feature on, you can find it by going to Network Settings > Members > Member List.

Selecting the three-dot menu next to the member’s name will show you an option to “Reach Out”.

Reengage Inactive Members.png

This will open a Private Chat with the member. 

Activity Assist 1.png

Selecting “Suggestion” in the lower right corner will generate a Mighty Co-Host™ message to the member. 

Activity Assist 2.png

You can either select "Try Again" to generate a new message or edit the one it creates.

The message will draw from your Network’s Big Purpose as well as you and your member’s introduction.

If there are Top Posts in your Network, then the message will include those and prompt the member to check out posts that may interest them.

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