Member Categories

Member Categories are simply awesome. They instantly connect your members to each other around a shared identity — like specialty, profession, child’s age, etc.

When you’ve enabled Member Categories (a feature that's available with Mighty Brand or Mighty Business), your members will be prompted in the activity feed to fill out their profile with the type of category you’ve chosen for your Mighty Network. Then — and this is the best part — they will instantly see the other members in your Network who have the same specialty, profession, or interest. 

Here’s an example of what a member will see in the activity feed when they’ve added their Member Category: 



How Your Members Add Their Member Category

Your members will see a prompt in the activity feed to add their Member Category. When they click on the prompt, they are taken to their profile page:


When they click on the Member Category field and start typing, they will see a series of options from which to choose. You, as the Host, seed the initial options they’ll see, and — if they don’t see an option that describes their specialty or profession accurately — they can add their own.

Enabling Member Categories (and Choosing Your Type)

To enable Member Categories, go to Network Settings > Premium Features > Member Categories, and choose “On.” The feature is about halfway down the page. Once you enable Member Categories, you can choose what categories your members will be prompted to choose.

There are currently 15 different options for you to choose from, depending on how you want your members to identify themselves and be introduced to each other: Interest, Specialty, Profession, Role, Identity, Expertise, Discipline, Cause, Affiliation, Stage, Child's Age, Start MonthCondition,  Diagnosis, Spectrum, and Industry.

For each of these options, your members will see a slightly different prompt. Today, they can only choose one Member Category (to increase the likelihood of seeing other members like themselves).

Our most popular choices for Member Categories are Interest, Specialty, Profession, and Role. Here are the prompts for different options:

Interest: “Meet members with the same primary interest by sharing yours”

Speciality: “Meet members with the same primary specialty by sharing yours”

Profession: “Meet members with the same primary profession by sharing what you do”

Role: “Meet members with the same primary role by sharing yours”

Identity: “Meet members with the same identity by sharing yours”

Expertise: “Meet members with the same primary expertise by sharing yours”

Discipline: “Meet members with the same primary discipline by sharing yours”

Cause: “Meet members interested in the same primary cause by sharing what you care about”

Affiliation: “Meet members with the same primary affiliation by sharing yours”

Stage: “Meet members who are at the same stage by sharing yours”

Child’s Age: “Meet members with children of the same age by sharing yours”

Start Month: “Meet members who started at the same time by sharing when you started”

Condition: “Meet members with the same condition by sharing yours”

Diagnosis: “Meet members with the same diagnosis by sharing yours”

Spectrum: “Meet members like you by sharing where you are on the spectrum”

Industry: “Meet members in the same industry by sharing yours”

Then Add Options for Your Members to Choose

For Member Categories, we recommend having at least a few default options for members to choose from when they begin typing in their answer. These “autofill” answers you add as the Host will show up in alphabetical order.

For example, for our own Mighty Creators list, we’ve added:

Brand Builder
Community Manager
Entrepreneur via Side Hustle
Facebook Group Admin
Just Exploring
Marketing Leader
Not-for-Profit Leader
Online Business Owner
Slack Group Admin
Social Impact Entrepreneur
Social Media Expert
YouTube Creator

While this is the default list that a member will see as they start typing, they can also add their own answer if one of these doesn’t fit. Because a member can only choose one from this list, we’ve also seen Hosts add “multi-hyphen” answers like “Activist-Organizer” as well. That’s always an option as well.

So, that’s about it for one of our favorite features! Member Categories is another way a Mighty Network instantly makes new, fresh connections between your members.