Member Categories

Enabling Member Categories will give your members the opportunity to instantly meet others in your network who share the same identity, profession or interest. Once you've enabled this feature, all members will see the option to add a field to their profile that indicates how they want to be categorized in your community.

To set up Member Categories, go to Host Management > Features > Member Categories and enable this feature. Then, select the type of category you want your members to identify in their profile.

There are currently 15 different options for you to choose from, depending on how you want your members to identify themselves and be introduced to each other: Specialty, Profession, Interest, Cause, Discipline, Start Month, Child's Age, Condition, Stage, Diagnosis, Spectrum, Role, Identity, Affiliation and Expertise


If you want your members to have a few options to choose from when they start typing in an answer, add those next. We recommend having at least a few default options for members to choose from when they begin typing in their answer.


Once you've enabled Member Categories, you can add more options or edit this feature anytime by going to Host Management > Features > Member Categories.