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What AI Features Does Mighty Networks Have?
Updated this week

Every premium plan on Mighty (Community and up) has access to our proprietary AI features. You can find them under Admin > Setup > AI Features.

Show Similarities

This feature is available on the Courses Plan and up, and can be found when you navigate to someone else’s profile. You will see a new prompt that says “Show Similarities”. Selecting that option will show the similarities between you and the other person.


Profile Writing Assistant

This feature is available for Community plans and up and helps you and your members write their profile - specifically the “About Me” section.


Selecting “Get Me Started” will ask three simple questions. From there, a new profile will be generated. If you want to try again, you can simply delete the text in the "About Me" section.

Start a Conversation

This feature is available on the Courses Plan and up and is for you and your members. It will show when opening up a direct message or group chat with members you have never chatted with before. You will see the option to “Suggest a Conversation Starter”. Selecting that will show you a sample message to send based on your profiles and similarities. It will be in draft form and you can choose to send it, edit it, or choose “Try Again” for a different suggestion.


Icebreaker Suggestions

This feature is available for Community plans and up. Space Hosts can set up the Icebreaker Question by going to the gear icon in the Space > Features > Feed > Manage and scrolling to the bottom to toggle the question on. You will need to have the Feed feature enabled in the Space in order to use this feature.

After you select Manage, you will see a suggested question. If you would like more suggestions, you can select “Suggest Ideas” and even change the tone of the question.


Activity Assist

This feature is available for Community plans and up, you can easily re-engage members using this feature. You can find it by going to Network Settings > Members > Member List.

Selecting the three-dot menu next to the member’s name will show you an option to “Reach Out”

Reengage Inactive Members.png

This will open a Private Chat with the member and selecting “Suggestion” in the lower right corner will generate a Mighty Co-Host™ message to the member.

Activity Assist 2.png

To learn more, check out the article, How Can I Easily Re Engage My Members.

Infinite Question Engine

The Infinite Question Engine offers an endless supply of questions and polls tailored to your community or course.

This feature (available to the Business Plans and up) generates a list of polls and questions from the Space Description or, if you don’t have a Space Description, your Network’s Big Purpose and allows you to put member engagement on cruise control.

To learn more, check out this article.

Instant Course Outline

This feature is available on web and mobile web only for Business Plans and up and is available for you and your Space Hosts and Space Moderators. It makes building a Course outline a breeze! First select, “Getting Started”. This will take you to a prompt to enter in your idea for an outline. You can also tell it how long you want the Course to be (ie: 5 lessons) and for which level of student (ie: beginner, advanced, etc.).


Make It Better

This feature is available for Community Plans and up! It’s available for you and your members and can be found on Quick Posts, Articles, Chats, and more!
All you have to do is type a sentence (or just a few words), then highlight the text with your cursor. The “Make it Better” sparkle icon will appear.


The options that appear when selecting the Sparkle icon are:

  • Fix Spelling and Grammar

  • Shorten

  • Elaborate

  • Change Tone:

    • Make it Casual

    • Make it Fun

    • Make it Professional

    • Make it Sincere

    • Make it Witty

Suggested Hashtags

This feature is available on Community plans and up. You can check it out in Quick Posts, Articles, and more, and it's available to you and your members. These suggestions will appear in Spaces in which there aren’t any Highlighted hashtags. Hashtag suggestions appear with a new sparkle icon.


Application Assist

This feature is available on Business plans and up. If you are a Network Host of a Private Mighty Network and have questions for your members to answer before they join your Mighty Network, then this feature is for you! You can find it by navigating to Network Settings > Premium Features > Customize Your Request to Join Form and select Manage.

From there, you can select Suggest a Question which will ask you what the question is about. After you give it a phrase or a few words to go off of, it will present you with three options. Selecting “Try Again” will clear the suggestions.


You can toggle all AI in a Mighty Network off on that Admin page or you can toggle on and off individual features.

If you would like to share these new features with your members, along with details on how they work, check out this article.

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