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Who Founded Mighty Networks?
Updated over a week ago

Mighty Networks was founded by Gina Bianchini (CEO), Tim Herby (CTO), and Thomas Aaron (Chief Product Officer, or CPO). You can learn more about what inspires them (in their own words) and the philosophy behind Mighty Networks on our “About” page.

Gina previously launched a platform called Ning in 2007, which gave people a way to create their own social networks.

These were social networks that creators built and owned. They brought members together around interests, passions, and goals, but with a twist:

  • It was their branding

  • It was their choice of features

  • It was their members

The creativity and connections that emerged from Ning attracted nearly 100M around the world and had a profound impact on Gina.

It was that potential for a new internet culture and a different relationship we could have with technology that inspired her to create Mighty Networks with Tim and Tom.

They had a vision for a world with a million unique, vibrant communities, all mastering something interesting or important together.

This is a world where you can meet the other members in totally new and fresh ways. You can quickly find people you have the most in common with, and go on quests together — through online courses, challenges, experiences, and collaborations!

We’re so happy that you’re a member in a community built on Mighty Networks. If you’re looking to create one of your own, check out “I Want to Become a Host. How Do I Do That?

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