How Do I Remove or Ban a Member From My Mighty Network?

A Host can remove or ban a member at any time. To remove or ban a member, you need to first navigate to the member's profile page when you're on the web. Click on the three-dot menu in the lower right corner > More and select the option that says "Remove from Network."


From there you'll see two options: Remove This Member and Ban This Member.

If the Global Member feature is not on for the Mighty Network, you can also remove or ban a member from the Member List by going to Network Settings > Members > Member List.


Remove a Member

If you choose to remove a member, this will only remove their membership, not their contributions or posts. They can always re-join in the future.

When a removed member returns, their previous posts will have been saved as well as their Profile introduction, "About You", Saved Drafts, followed members and their chat messages.

They will lose their Member Category, any Saved Posts, and access to Spaces (unless they come in on a Plan that offers them access to the same Spaces).

Ban a Member

Selecting the option to ban a member will permanently ban them and remove all of their content and activity from your Mighty Network. They cannot re-join.

Please note that you will not retain information within your Network regarding removed or banned members. As such, we encourage you to regularly back up your member data in the best ways and systems for you to keep track of members who have been banned or removed.

After Removal or Ban
When a member is removed or banned, they are not notified. They would only realize their removal or ban once they attempt to log back in and will see the following screen:


When a member is removed from a Secret Network, they need an invitation from the Host again to rejoin the Mighty Network. Additionally, a member removed from a Private Network must Request to Join the Mighty Network again.

Table of Contents' Progress is retained if a removed member rejoins the same Space that contains the Table of Contents with the same login information.

Updated September 2023

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