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What Notifications Do My Members Get From My Mighty Network?
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We want to make sure your members are up to date with all the great stuff happening in your Mighty Network! And that they can choose exactly how they want to stay notified (we have a helpful article here that you can share with them on tailoring what they receive).

Five Ways Your Members Receive Notifications

Members can receive notifications through five different channels: in-app, email, desktop, mobile push, and pop-up notifications.

In-app notifications: By default, members will receive notifications based on their notification settings via the bell icon.

They'll always receive in-app notifications for any notifications they have toggled on.

Email notifications (on by default): If members have Email Updates turned on in notification settings, they'll receive email notifications at the email address they used to join your Mighty Network.

Members can choose the frequency at which they want to receive email notifications: As Activity Happens or as Daily Digest (enabled by default).

Members can toggle off these notifications by following the steps here.

Mobile push notifications (off by default): These notifications will appear on a member's mobile device when activity happens in your Mighty Network. Here’s what a mobile push notification looks like:

Members can enable these notifications by following the steps here.

Desktop Notifications: These notifications will create a popup message in a member's browser each time a notification is received and their tab is not in focus.

They can enable their desktop notifications by following these steps.

Pop-up notifications (on by default): These notifications will appear temporarily in the lower right corner of the screen. These notifications will appear for direct chat messages and Space Chat Messages.


Each of these notifications can be individually toggled on or off in your member’s profile settings: Profile Picture -> Personal Settings -> Notifications.

These are the notifications that your member sees in their Settings:

  • Cheers On Your Stuff: When others cheer on Quick Posts, Articles, Questions, Polls, and Comments you created.

  • Comments On Your Stuff: When others comment on Quick Posts, Articles, Events, Questions, and Polls you created.

  • Comments After You: If others comment after your comment or reply in a thread, you will be notified. However, you will not be notified about replies to other comments in the thread.

  • @Mentions: When others tag you directly in a Post, Comment, or Chat.

  • Updates From Your Hosts: When a Host posts or sends a message.

  • Event Updates and Reminders: When the Event Host sends an update or when reminders are sent before an event starts.

  • Poll Answers and Results: When others vote on your Polls.

  • Activities Relevant to You: When people near you join, or when there is relevant trending activity.

  • Activities From Members You Follow: When members you follow post new content

  • Private Chat Messages: When other members and Hosts send you Private Chat messages, including chat replies.

  • Space Chat Messages: Messages from other members in a Space, including chat replies.

  • Ambassador Notifications: When members you referred join the Network, and when you level up your Ambassador status.

  • Livestream: When a Host goes live anywhere in the Network the member has access to.

  • All Posts: When there’s any type of new post

Space Notifications

At the bottom of their notifications list, they can also turn on notifications for specific Spaces that they are a member of.

If the Space has a Table of Contents then you have the option to notify all members of the Space when making lessons and sections visible.

Please note: If they turn off email and mobile push notifications at the Network notification level, they will not receive notifications for a Space.

Other Notifications They May Receive

They may also receive the following types of notifications. Because these are account-specific and transactional, they can’t opt-out of these notifications.


  1. Welcomes, invites, reminders, and approvals to join a Mighty Network or Space

  2. List of Mighty Networks they’re a member of (when signing in via

  3. Password or sign-in-related notifications

Badges awarded: If you award a Badge, they will receive an email, in-app, and mobile push notification (if enabled).

As soon as a member joins your Mighty Network, they are sent a brief welcome email that's automatically generated from our system and branded with your logo and custom theme.

The email includes a short description of your community (that you can edit by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Setup > Basics), along with a prompt to come back and start contributing.

Here's an example of what this email notification looks like. This example is from our own community that we run, Mighty Community:


Payment/Plan notifications: Status updates or changes for free trials, payments, and one-time or subscription Plans.

Free Trial: They will receive an email notification three days before the free trial ends. The Member will be prompted to manage their subscription or make changes by selecting the 'See Your Purchases' button.

Payments: They will get emails about

  • If their plan is renewing soon, which will direct them to manage their payments in their account.

  • If their payment succeeds.

  • If their payment doesn't succeed, they will get three notices to update their card.

  • If they have been moved to a different plan.

  • If a plan is deactivated, members will receive a notification: "Your subscription to [Plan Name] has been canceled."

They will not get notified when you remove the member from a Plan.

For members that purchase Plans (Free or Bundles), they will receive a welcome email like the one below:


If a member does not log into their account for longer than 18 months then we will stop sending them notifications altogether.

For notifications your members receive when you move them to a new Plan, check out this article.

For a full breakdown of your member’s notifications, check out the article What Kind of Notifications Will I Receive as a Member of a Mighty Network?

To learn about notifications you receive as a Host or Moderator, check out the article What Kind of Notifications Will I Get as a Mighty Networks Host?

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