How Do I Move Content Between Spaces?

You can now easily move content between Spaces inside of your Mighty Network and keep the interactions and RSVPs!

Please note: Lessons, Sections, and Overviews in Tables of Contents (Courses) cannot be moved, but the Space containing these features can be duplicated and edited. Learn more here.

Make sure the post type is turned on in the Space you're moving content to! Also, if the article or post is pinned to the Welcome or Featured Sections, please uncheck those options and then move the post.

Open the Space you're moving content into > Space Settings > Features > Feed: Manage > toggle on the content type (Article, Quick Posts, Events, etc.). Now, you're ready to bulk move content, using the instructions below.

In the three-dot menu next to a post, select Move.

Then select the Space you would like to move it to.

Note: If the Space is greyed out, then that means that the feature is not currently on inside of that Space (ie: Feed, Questions and Polls, Quick Post, etc...) To check the settings, go to the Space > Space Features > Feed and be sure the corresponding feature is toggled on.

Next, decide whether you would like to keep the interactions or remove them.

For Events, only the event creator will be able to move them to a different Space and have the option to keep RSVPs.

At this time, you won't be able to move scheduled posts to a new Space. You will need to copy the post to a new Quick Post, Article or Question, reschedule the new post and delete the incorrect one.

For Events, you can duplicate the Event and change the Space that it is posted in.

Note: You will not be able to move the content from the Table of Contents feature into a new Space.


Moving Multiple Posts

You will also be able to move content inside of a Space to a different one! You can do so by selecting the three dot menu next to the Space > Move Multiple Posts.


The next question will be what you want to move: All Posts or Posts with a particular hashtag. This is a great option for re-organizing highlighted hashtags into a new Space!


You will then be asked where you want to move them to with a note that you can only move posts to a Space where you are a Host of that Space.


After you select Move Posts, your posts will be moved along with their cheers, comments and interactions!

If you don't see certain posts, it could be that that particular content type is not toggled on in the Feed feature. To check, go to the gear icon of the new Space > Space Features > Feed > Manage. You will want to check that all content types: Quick Posts, Articles and Polls and Questions are toggled on.


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