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How Do Payments Work on Mighty Networks?
How Do I Connect and Disconnect Stripe to My Mighty Network?
How Do I Connect and Disconnect Stripe to My Mighty Network?
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We use Stripe as our third-party payment partner to ensure that all payments are processed securely.

Stripe has a lot going for it, and you’ll set up your own account to get paid directly in Stripe. This means that you do not have to store or process credit card information for your members, and Mighty Networks also does not store this information. We currently support payments using credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. When you connect your own Stripe account to your Mighty Network, you will instantly be able to manage individual payments and customers in Stripe as well, including issuing refunds as needed directly through Stripe. You can learn more about Stripe here.

The caveat about Stripe is that it does not support payments in every country. Stripe is accepted in 46 countries. You can find supported locations here.

Unfortunately, we don’t support PayPal or other payment processors today. We may support PayPal in a future release.

How to Connect Your Stripe Account

Go to Admin > Integration > Stripe to connect your Stripe account. You can connect your existing Stripe account, or follow their instructions to create a new account with Stripe.

Disconnecting Your Stripe Account

Changing Your Bank Account

If you just need to change the Bank account where Stripe pays out, you can do this without disconnecting your entire Stripe account connected to Mighty Networks. Here is a Help Center article from Stripe that goes over this process. If you are in need of further assistance, you'll want to reach out to Stripe support to help you make these changes. You can contact the Stripe Help Center here.

Changing Your Stripe Account

If you need to disconnect your entire Stripe account, drop us a note in Host Help (Need Help button in the bottom right corner of your Mighty Network) and a member of our team will reach out with further instructions.

Important Notes on Stripe

Managing, editing, or deactivating plans should ONLY be done inside your Mighty Network's "Get Paid" section. Managing plans in any way on your connected Stripe account is strictly prohibited.

Here’s why: Changing plans within Stripe can have serious effects and may result in a complete loss of your subscribed members and deletion of plans. You may still manage your payments and issue refunds to members through your Stripe account at any time.

If you deactivate payments at any point and then decide to re-enable payments again in the future, you’ll need to connect a new Stripe account when you set up member payments again. You will not be able to use the same Stripe account that you used the first time you set up payments.

You need to set up a separate Stripe account for each Mighty Network for which you want to enable payments, so keep that in mind if you have more than one Mighty Network. The connection between Stripe and each Mighty Network needs to be unique because of the integration. For example, when Stripe notifies us about any changes (i.e. failed member charges), we look up your Mighty Network by your Stripe account.

Hosts can use the ‘multiple accounts’ method in Stripe under the same email address and connect it to their new Mighty Network.

For a full tutorial on how to create new plans for members to buy, check out this article.

For more information about multiple currencies and Stripe, check out this article.

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