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How Do I Generate Completion Certificates Using Zapier?
How Do I Generate Completion Certificates Using Zapier?
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Sending members Table of Contents completion certificates serves as tangible proof of their accomplishments, boosting confidence and motivating further engagement and learning in your community.

This article shows you how to use Zapier to automate sending certificates to members when they complete a Table of Contents.

If you’re not yet familiar with Zapier, it’s a powerful automation tool that allows you to connect various apps and automate workflows between them.

Note: You’ll need a paid Zapier account to automate Table of Contents completion certificates - this can’t be done on the free Zapier version.

Building the Zap

To automate sending a member a certificate or congratulatory message after they’ve completed a Table of Contents, you can set up a trigger and action with Zapier.

Start by creating a Trigger. Select Mighty Networks as the trigger app and choose “Course Progress Update” as the Event:


Click ‘Continue’ and connect your Mighty Network in the Account section if you haven’t already. Click ‘Close’ at the bottom of the Trigger box.

Next, press the + icon below the Trigger to add an Action:

Spaces_Flyout (1).png

Add an Action and select Filter:

Spaces_Flyout (2).png

Set the Filter to Progress Percentage > Exactly matches > 100:

Spaces_Flyout (3).png

Setting this Filter ensures the member receives a completion certificate once they've completed 100% of all items in the Table of Contents.

Click Continue and add a new action using the + symbol below the Action box.

Here, select the app of your choice to generate a Certificate of Completion. Some options are Canva, Google Slides, SimpleCert, and Certifier.

Creating a Certificate of Completion Using Google Slides

First, create your Certificate in Google Slides. Google Slides offers many template options - here’s a link to a standard template.

Next, Select Google Slides as the App:

Spaces_Flyout (4).png

Choose ‘Create Presentation From Template’ as the Event:

Spaces_Flyout (5).png

If your Google account isn’t yet connected, Zapier will prompt you to connect your Google account after you press Continue.

Under the Action heading, give your certificate a unique name in the ‘Title of New Presentation’ field. This title will display for your members.

If you’d like your member to have the option to download the Certificate, select True from the ‘Is Shared?’ dropdown.

In the Template Presentation dropdown, select the title of your Certificate of Completion from Google Slides:

Spaces_Flyout (6).png

Once you’ve completed the setup, click Continue.

Zapier will create a new certificate in your Google Slides account as a test. The Test Certificate will pull data from the Trigger App test according to your Google Slides setup. Navigate to your Google Slides account and access All Slides to view the Test Certificate.

Modify the Zap to Send the Certificate to Your Members

In the same Zap you created, add another Action App, Email by Zapier:

Spaces_Flyout (7).png

Choose 'Send Outbound Email' as the Action Event:

Spaces_Flyout (8).png

Click Continue and set up the email template. Select your first Trigger from the drop-down menu in the ‘To’ field:​

Spaces_Flyout (9).png

Choose ‘User Email’:​

Spaces_Flyout (10).png

Fill in the Subject line as you’d like it to appear to members when they receive the certificate and complete the body of your email.

Tip: Use variables to personalize your email.

In the Attachment field, choose your Google Slides Action and choose the file from the drop-down menu:

Spaces_Flyout (11).png

Complete the additional optional fields if desired and click Continue to test your Zap.

If your email address was used for the ‘To’ field, you should receive an email from your site through Zapier Mail.

If your email address in the To field contains a customer's email address, it will send a test email to that customer's email inbox.

After successfully testing your Zap, be sure to turn your Zap from Off to On:

Spaces_Flyout (12).png

Remember, you can always return to the Zap to modify your certificate template and email template.

Note: Test your Zap whenever you add or remove Lessons or Sections from a Table of Contents to ensure it’s firing correctly.

What Will My Member Experience?

When your Zap is turned on, Zapier will create and send an automated certificate to members when they complete your Table of Contents.

When your customer clicks ‘Mark as Complete’ on the last Lesson in your Table of Contents, the Zap will trigger and your member will receive their Certificate of Completion!

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