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What's Included in the Mighty Networks Business Plan?
What's Included in the Mighty Networks Business Plan?
Updated over a week ago

Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to explore Mighty Networks and learn more about the Business Plan. It’s our most popular tier, for good reason!

The Business Plan is the only place that allows you to combine your Spaces and community. It also gives you more control and ownership over your member data and how your community can plug into the rest of your business. Let’s dig into what it includes.

First of all, all of our plans are 100% ad-free and offer:

So you’re already starting from a great place! Then, on The Business Plan, you’re going to unlock some additional features:

  • Table of Contents feature- which allows you to have lessons and sections so that you can run Courses on your Mighty Network

  • The ability to add a Custom Email domain and SSO

  • Infinite Question Engine to put engagement on auto-pilot

  • The Page feature - which is a static article you can add to any Space

  • Integrations with 1000s of other apps, like your CRM and email provider, with Zapier

  • The ability to download your member data (including their emails!)

  • 4 custom navigation links that can connect your Mighty Network to your online shop, blog, podcast, booking calendar— or any other part of your business

  • 30 hours of live streaming per month and 500 participants per livestream—that’s right, you can go live from directly inside your own community, or inside a Space!

  • 2 TB of storage and unlimited storage for videos inside of the Table of Contents feature.

  • Native video upload to Articles, Quick Posts, and lessons.

  • A built-in Event feature (for online or in-person events)

  • Built-in Polls & Questions (one of the number one ways to increase engagement!)

  • Mighty Insights™, our premium analytics, so you know exactly what’s happening with your community growth and retention

  • The ability to add a custom domain

  • Search engine indexing, if you’d like your Mighty Network and its content (or parts of it) to be public

  • Access to Mighty Hosts, our private VIP area of Mighty Community only for Hosts on the Business or Community Plan

The Business Plan is $179/month (paid annually). If you were to combine a course platform with a community platform, you’d be paying well over $100/month—and your members would be bouncing between platforms.

Not yet a Host? We've got you! When you start a free trial of a Mighty Network you’ll automatically start on the Business Plan, so you can still explore all of these features today.

For any premium plan, if you want additional storage, live streaming hours, of live streaming participants you can layer on a monthly Engagement Boost. You can also purchase those Engagement Boosts from right inside your Mighty Network by going to Network Settings > Your Plan > Storage and Usage.

Interested in your own branded mobile apps? You can explore Mighty Pro to learn about how you can launch your Mighty Network with your own apps available on iOS and Android, under your own brand, in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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